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  1. Nightmare or a Nestor :3

    I'd like to elaborate a little on the reason why a Nestor isn't accepted. If you compare that to the Nightmare posted on our Fittings website you'll find the following: First and foremost, the Nestor gets most of its DPS from Drones, which means its damage it delayed. It also makes it a really poor Sniper which means it would almost certainly have to run with the DPS squad. The Nightmare can also fit 3 Tracking Computers by default, plus two Utility Highs. This means that it applies the damage it deals much better than the Nestor. Also while that Nestor fit is cheaper than a Nightmare it's not significantly cheaper, and it performs worse for that price. On the whole we'd really rather not encourage people to bring expensive and significantly non-optimal ships like that. A Hyperion requires the same ship skill and not too much additional gun training to fly and overall adds more to the fleet for less ISK on grid than a Nestor does. It sucks when a ship you like doesn't work for something you want to use it for, but we can't have everything. Hope to see you in fleet soon! o7
  2. I agree with both Izumi and Imelda. I don't really feel like the issue is so much that NMs don't have cap transfers, it's that they don't use them. Either because of lazy pilots, failure to find cap buddies, or some other reason. All of the recommended fits have ETs, and short of a few snowflake pilots who fit dual reps out of personal preference that's what the majority of NMs seem to have. Most of the time when I'm logi and feeling overwhelmed with cap requests it's not so much the snipers doing it, it's a stream of T1 Battleships and Vindis with low cap skills combined with low numbers of ETs in fleet.