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  1. Fitting a Signal Amplifier to a Basi

    Went with the cheap solution for now (meta transmitters) while I do some more theory-crafting in Pyfa and/or catch a not-so-expensive AB. Thanks everybody for the inputs!
  2. Fitting a Signal Amplifier to a Basi

    If I fit both meta cap transmitters (non-modified Optimal fit), then with my implants I'm barely cap stable with an incoming meta cap transmitter (Δ -62,1 GJ/s). Might go with that just to try it out, but keep modules for both fits, in case FC would prefer the other one. Near-perfect one is 800m ISK, and a perfect roll one isn't available for sale currently. But I imagine it'd be unreasonably expensive, so no Have Ogdin's Eye Coordinator Enhancer there. I don't have a separate logi clone, this is the same clone I use for both my Vindi and my Leshak.
  3. Fitting a Signal Amplifier to a Basi

    Thanks. Fingers crossed for fits requiring T2 Cap Transmitters. It's not that long of a train, and it'd help a lot. I kinda think I'll wait a bit with the 12 targets fit, to see if any fitting changes happen. That's kinda what I ended up doing, but it was a bit "panicky" at the moment. Nobody died in the end
  4. Greetings! Ever since that one TCRC a few days back, where I had my cap chain target locked, the DDD locked, 8 additional people each of which was receiving damage and new shield broadcasts comming in which I couldn't lock (and had no idea who to unlock), I was thinking about fitting a Signal Amplifier. I realize that situations like the one just described are rare, but I'd rather not leave it to chance. So let's get started... Problem: Wanting to have more than 10 targets locked on my optimal fit Basilisk (differences from official fit are T2 cap transmitters and a deadspace AB (same activation cost as faction)). Possible solutions: Fit a Signal Amplifier instead of Caldari Navy Power Diagnostic System Fit a Signal Amplifier instead of Damage Control II Solution #1 cons: Fit is a bit short on power grid and needs an Abyssal Large Shield Extender. Besides spending a bit of ISK, this is not really a that big of a problem. My Basi would have 2.282 fewer EHP (45.494 EHP without boosts, instead of 47.780 EHP). The fit is no longer cap stable with 1 incoming Large Inductive Compact Remote Capacitor Transmitter! My cap delta with this fit variation is Δ -64,2 GJ/s (-303,7%). I have 2 cap implants (EO-606 and EM-806), and all cap related skills at level 5 except Sensor Linking (which is at level 4, and training it to 5 would raise the delta to -64,1 GJ/s; still not enough). Simulating the whole setup in Pyfa shows I'd have 8m30s of cap (or be stable with when not running the 4th Remote Shield Booster). Solution #2 cons: My Basi would have 7.159 fewer EHP (40.621 EHP without boosts, instead of 47.780 EHP). Resists would still be above 70% (they'd change from 75/90/85/75 to 71/89/83/71). My conclusion: Unless I've forgotten something crucial, solution #2 seems to have much milder drawbacks. My Scimi, for comparison, has 18.122 EHP and it manages to survive just fine (albeit the shield sometimes resembles a windscreen wiper). For solution #1 to be cap stable, the incoming Remote Capacitor Transmitter would have to be T2 (is there any possibility of changing the fits soon?). What does everybody think about this?