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  1. logi appreciation

    I was actually really surprised at how much easier Logi is than being a vindy driver. Granted, i'm only a level 4 logi, so I don't have tracking links yet, and I can't drive a basi, but I also don't have to worry about burning in to range, switching ammo when I'm close enough, applying webs to targets I'm not yet shooting, keeping track of targets so I know when to burn to the next anchor spot, etc. If I'd known, I would have started out as logi, been able to save all the pennies not having to worry about buying ammo, and then figured out which ship I want to end up in most.
  2. Using Micro Jump Drives To Move DPS Around?

    Unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to MJD in the other direction then warp to anchor, cause you'd get the natural phenomena error. You'd have to slowboat it back or wait till the MJD was ready again. It *could* work if there were some pilots who were the core MJDers, but it would require a fair bit of co-ordination and they'd have to be on at the same time.
  3. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    it's remembering to wait if they're not in my bay when the magical words, "Fleet take gate, fleet take gate" are uttered.
  4. Which frigate you will fit after escape bay patch?

    My probe, cause I'm *always* leaving my poor drones behind.