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  1. Frakkin Fun Fleet

    I would love to fly a Railgun Naga in this fleet. But I live in UTC+1 and have to be at work at 07:00. I wish you a lot of fun!!!
  2. "De-Optimization" of Ships

    I understand that those comments felt like an personal attack on you and I am sorry that you experianced it that way. The first comment is just taunting garbage. Actually somone needs to be a pretty good pilot to apply optimal damage with a Golem in an Incursion fleet. I am also not a fan of the other two harsh overstatements but consider them more of a joke. Even if they are as you wrote yourself partialy true. The thing is that you need a total different skillset for Missiles than turrets and they still have worse dps, application and the Damage delay of the missile flight time. Thats why we wouldn't allow them when we started using Bastion marauders. Some time later we chose to allow them because we didn't want pilots who allready have a Golem and the skills needed to bring a beginner ship instead. We never wante'd somone to skill into it for WTM fleets. The thing is that eve is not a static game and WTM is not a static community. The Game changes its rules and since we need to stay competitive against at least two other incursion fleets there will allways be changes for the better of one pilot and worse of the other. But those changes allways have the intention to improve efficiency and/or safty of the WTM fleets. As an example Lots of pilots invested tens of billions in theire Leshaks and millions of skillpoints flying them optimaly before the Bastion buff which made the Leshak so useless for incursions that we don't allow them at all now. At least you can sell the golem and the modules you don't need for other marauder fits so you dont loose any money. If you need help with that let us know.
  3. The Booster isn't mandatory but can be used all the Time. Yellow boxed means the Rat is targeting you. Wich will hapan just befor shooting at you (red box).
  4. Returning player - few questions

    Welcome Back! 1. 130mil/hour minimum mostly more 2. HQ Nearly all the time as long as there is an FC online. Vanguards from time to time. 3. Nowadays Bastion marrauders are state of the art becaus the got 100% damage buff during Bastion. Because of that the leshak has no more time to spool and isn't as good as it was. Thats why its not Optimal anymore 4. We are as newbro friendly as possible with 2 other fleets in the same HQ system. Just get into on of our accapted ships ( read the Rooky guide.
  5. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    That would be AWSOME!!!