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  1. The Booster isn't mandatory but can be used all the Time. Yellow boxed means the Rat is targeting you. Wich will hapan just befor shooting at you (red box).
  2. Returning player - few questions

    Welcome Back! 1. 130mil/hour minimum mostly more 2. HQ Nearly all the time as long as there is an FC online. Vanguards from time to time. 3. Nowadays Bastion marrauders are state of the art becaus the got 100% damage buff during Bastion. Because of that the leshak has no more time to spool and isn't as good as it was. Thats why its not Optimal anymore 4. We are as newbro friendly as possible with 2 other fleets in the same HQ system. Just get into on of our accapted ships ( read the Rooky guide.
  3. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    That would be AWSOME!!!