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  1. Faction Missile vs T2

    thanks. its less of the FC telling me no. and more of them ignoring me in waitlist and skipping to others, only for me ot notice 3 minutes later and having to ask what was going on. and then the FC telling me that i was suboptimal cause faction worse. which i couldnt understand (was frustrated enough that i almost replaced all the t2 blasters on my ships with tech 4 just to spite.....) and him blaming my skills as the reason i "thought faction was better" anyway. ty Niki. =)
  2. Faction Missile vs T2

    Also. Torpedo is at spec 4. but the faction is still doing more dps. Alpha is the same
  3. Faction Missile vs T2

    Ok so for the past 2 years FCs have been fine with me using faction cruise. but now i'm getting a snippy FC who refusing unless i go t2.... so want to get this here. T2 vs Faction. Faction got higher rof base. as a result, currently (i'm at T3 Cruise specialization), Faction have more dps. no difference to application, alpha, etc. T4 and T5 cruise spec would add 4% more rof. so that might bring T2 on par to slightly above. i'm not sure as i'm still not sure if Spec skills affect faction missiles (they've always behaved differently from the other faction weapons, and no one has provided so far a screenshot of the t2 doing more dps than faction so far). proof of t3 currently so can i get a definite yes or no. can i use the faction launchers seeing as they give me more dps for no downside to performance. they've been accepted for 2 years. and only now am i getting a FC saying no(one i'm not familiar with. so might be new) also Ty Coe. NO. i am not flying a Vindi.