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  1. Llith's Bad Ass Abyssal shop

  2. Llith's Bad Ass Abyssal shop

    Max DCU and Great Core X up for grabs, 2 days before they hit Jita. and my Entropics I sell direct to folks or put up on contract for multi bill.
  3. Llith's Bad Ass Abyssal shop

    saddly new sinks I gave away the prop mod.... NEW ITEMS UP!!!
  4. Llith's Bad Ass Abyssal shop

    Greetings fleet mates, o/ for you lovely ladies/gents. 1.B even. sold in Jita at 1.5 B Again lovely gents, there are many contracts at 1.8 and above.. but for you lovely ladies and Gents that would be 1 B even! Given away in fleet Next up. if you are scared your logi are not awake, you need this..... Pimp unstable Syndicate DCU 2.B even. Cuz you need to go fast. Sonic the headhog speed and low low low activation cost. Unstable core x 1.5 B even. sold to WTM pilot for 1B. Remember to pm me for the hook up. catch these deals before they go up in Jita local you know where to find me ;D Chow.