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  1. WTS Everything

    Hauled the lot to jita and cashed out. SOLD
  2. WTS Everything

    mag stabs had stable fit with faction until i put these in.
  3. WTS Everything

    This will remain for sale until I post otherwise. At certain point I'll just take it to Jita. I'm making a load either way. Can't believe these prices. Just wanted to give an opportunity for this community if anyone has the ISK to throw around. I bought a vindicator on here for cheap fitted last time I came back to this game just trying to return the favor. Need liquid.
  4. WTS Everything

    I can confirm old rig layout. Would have to refit with new rigs. On the plus side that leaves you with +1 pith A Multi if you share them.
  5. WTS Everything

    https://evepraisal.com/a/129rcs Modules The abyssal Mag Stabs are tech 2 better then faction. Also Vindicator, Nightmare, Basillisk, Scimitar, Bowhead. These are old fits not sure if the rigs have to be changed out. The bowhead is fitted with tank and travel MWD https://evepraisal.com/a/129rjp All located in Amarr. Asking Jita buy price minus rigs and little bit less. All for 10bil. Contact in game. Give me at least one day to respond.