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  1. Banned from X-up

    You've been un-banned. Sorry about the confusion.
  2. WTM Optimal Fleets

    During this period of time, FCs invite ships from the waitlist based on the Upgrade Policy ignoring the hours played exception. This means that battleship pilots meeting in both optimal hull and optimal fit will be the first priority, followed by optimal hulls with t2 guns, and then optimal hulls meta guns. If the FC runs out of optimal ships, they will invite first come first serve from the suboptimal ships. The FC may choose to invite suboptimal ships in a first come first serve fashion at any time at their discretion. Optimal Fleets are scheduled by FCs 3 days in advance and posted 2 days in advance by Council. The time and date will be posted in the Events Channel on discord and in the WTM Local MOTD After the scheduled Optimal Fleet time period is over for the day, the FC will revert to usual WTM policy as relates to invites.
  3. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    @Eliz Marbly I'll buy both for 2b?
  4. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    I bought Noita and I don't understand it at all. Any tips?
  5. What am I eating right now.

    I am mad jealous
  6. Today was my very first time to join an incursion fleet

    Hey Chunky, These links will help you: https://wl.warptome.net/?groupId=1 - This is our waitlist website, where you sign up for fleets. https://wl.warptome.net/fits/ - These are our fits, you can find them in the drop down menus. Basically, once you have your ship together, you paste it onto the waitlist site and then an FC will reach out where there is space. Welcome to WTM -Oxi
  7. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    @Jedediah Arndtz ^Xoeac has the right idea. We went from being very powerful at level 30 to extremely weak at 40. I was clearing Heroics solo at 30 and now I am struggling to complete Hard missions. Loot is not great either and you basically have to make glass tank builds. I am updating the game to see if it improves things. I also am just tired of "seasonal" events that make you grind a whole bunch in small spans of time.
  8. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    MTGA, Animal Crossing, PoE, WoW, and some Division 2 when I'm not mad at the state of the game.