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  1. Warp speed implants?

    I've only done incursions over the last two days, so keep that in mind So I was reading the implants guide. And the Ascendancy Implant set, especially the High-grade one, costs a bucket-load of ISK. And all for warp speed. Now, I get how warp speed can help finish more sites in a given period of time. But I can't really see that working unless mostly everyone has them. All that will happen is that the players who warp faster will spend that saved time sitting at the gate to the next site, waiting for the people that warp at slower/normal speed. Given that we're a newbie-friendly group, this is especially likely. Am I missing something here?
  2. So one of the things that came up in chats was to create my own corporation to avoid giving away your hard-earned isk as corp tax. I'm assuming a lot of the incursions runners do this. So my questions are as follows: (1) Is there much of a problem with the one-man corps being war-decced? I remember that there are corp's which do this on a mass-scale since war-deccing small corps is cheap. If this is an issue, is there a strategy to solve/avoid it? (2) If you're in a corp that is war-decced, you will not be allowed into incursion fleets, correct?