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  1. Cap Stable Vindi (Alpha only, probably heresy)

    Just to make it clear, as I said before, the "suboptimal Vindi" I'm referring to is the Optimal Vindi, just with Meta 4 guns to accommodate for Alpha Clone skills. The only reason why I'm throwing this out is for the cases when logi can't cap me. As I said before, there was a point where I had to stop firing to conserve cap and not deactivate my AIFs.
  2. Okay, before you start screaming at me for altering optimal fits, let me explain first. I've been flying in recent fleets with a Vindicator, and found it to be a major upgrade over the Hyperion. Now, I am fully aware that Vindis are generally cap-light, and not cap-stable with everything except the MWD on. This has been a serious problem in some fleets for me, as the logi sometimes don't respond to my cap broadcast within a minute or so and I'm forced to stop firing my guns. I've spent some time tinkering with an Alpha-friendly "sub-optimal" fit for the Vindi(the Optimal Vindi with Meta 4 guns and a Tech II Collision Accelerator). What I found is that I can achieve cap stability (if MWD isn't running) by replacing a Fed. Navy DDA with a Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay, while cutting only 50~51 DPS from the drones (I'm using 2x Geckos, 2x Fed. Navy Hammerheads, 1x Hobgoblin II). It's also marginally cheaper. To me, this seems like a major improvement over having to stop firing my 1000 DPS guns because logi are busy with others - however, it deviates from the accepted "Optimal" fit. Is this OK? Another option to achieve cap stability is to get a full Geno set and 4% Cap Management and Cap Systems Operation implants, but that is astronomically more expensive, since the implants are around 850M (Geno'd optimal is the 1st from the right). This is only for me personally - this isn't achievable with skills at all 5, as Tech II guns consume 60.8% more cap. This is also still far in the future, as I'm still trying to work up towards that point. I'm just throwing this out there.
  3. Newbro's Request

    I'll keep that in mind if I see lost drones. Thanks to you all for the prompt responses!
  4. Newbro's Request

    Unfortunately, I cannot do that because of two things: I'm an Alpha clone, and I currently don't have enough skills. Otherwise, I would have long ago hopped into fleet as DPS and not bothered with salvaging at all. Is this from testing yourself? As far as I'm aware, I'm seeing mixed information, some saying that MTUs don't touch yellow wrecks, and others saying that they merely "tractor them in, but don't loot them." That's understandable. I'll be only doing this while I skill up to participate in WTM fleets.
  5. Newbro's Request

    Well then, its time to stock up on some MTUs...I'll manage.
  6. Newbro's Request

    I guess I should clarify a bit more - I am aware that since Sansha Incursion rats don't drop loot, I can technically salvage without permission from anyone (ninja salvaging, in other words). However, I was wondering if I could be in fleet and salvage. This would help for two reasons - I can get verbal confirmation that the gate is clear, and I'll be able to use tractor beams on the wrecks. In this case, however, would I still have to X-up, and would I be approved? A salvage destroyer, to me, does not fit the "minimum requirements" for X-up (basically, I'm asking for a wonky exception). Again, if not, that's fine. This is just to make the salvaging process more streamlined and efficient.
  7. Newbro's Request

    Hello, newbro here. As you can tell, I am new to Incursions, though I have done some extensive reading on them from a myriad of sources. I am currently skilling into flying a Hyperion (and eventually a Vindicator), but since that takes time, I will be unable to participate as mainline DPS. Hope to shoot up some Sanshas soon. However, I have also read a few posts and articles talking about salvaging after Incursion fleets. From my own experience, as an Alpha player, I feel that salvaging is generally a steady and good source of income (though running Incursions themselves is also profitable, which is why I'm here in the first place). Is it okay if I salvage after WTM fleets? If not, that's fine - I'll find some other things to do and let your wrecks rest in space and deteriorate after 2 hours...