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  1. [WTS] a LOT of BPO and BPC

    sorry it was sold tonight, after i write. thank you for your interest. still have a niiiiice rorqual!
  2. [WTS] a LOT of BPO and BPC

    i also have a beautiful RORQUAL fitted and a fitted MOROS for sell, contracts are up feel free to ask anything
  3. Intro

  4. Intro

    welcome! i'm new too, and i have to say, i immediately feel comfortable with this group and with incursions...good guides on the forum, good players and great FC. and yes, a lot of ISKs!!!
  5. [WTS] a LOT of BPO and BPC

    let's add some info: - first of all, i can problem if you interest in one or two or what you want. you have just to have time because i have to go to pick it up 20 j away - i was in fuel productions so the fuel BP are maxed - i was in BS t2 productions so there are somewhere some good BP for this
  6. [WTS] a LOT of BPO and BPC

    in the good old times we also had a good industry division in much fun !
  7. [WTS] a LOT of BPO and BPC

    Hello, i have a lot of BPO (many of them reserched, some of them maxed) and a lot of BPC to sell. If someone is interested, give me a good offer! BPO: BPC: (ALL of this are COPY i just link here for a list) i think it's all about the BPO i can do a contract so you can check the research level. see you o/