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  1. The Short Range DPS Pilot

    Most awesome and straight forward intro to a role I've ever seen.
  2. 100% Loot Drop Event

    Also... Sorry, didn't mean to hijack this thread... I've just never seen a Trillion Isk loss, much less multiple at the same time...
  3. 100% Loot Drop Event

    Has any1 else seen this? Event!?
  4. Intro

    'ello... "Haven't we located the Tianem Fleet yet?! I'm afraid not, sir. We're searching where the Minovsky particle density is high, but with so many decoys... What do you expect in a war?!"
  5. Intro

    Thnx VVV, are you also my Anchor? joke...
  6. Intro

    I agree, so easy to understand once you tell yourself your gonna do it... before I used to just watch from a far and wonder if i'd eve b able to get into it... The instructions are top notch, the guides are also pretty awesome. These FC's rock btw... I tihnk I may even already have favourites...
  7. Intro

    Why yes, it is my intention to make enough to buy two Vindi's... before I buy a Vindi in the first place
  8. Intro

    Good Day all, just introducing myself. I'm fairly new to Incursions... loving what i'm seeing community and content wise thus far.