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    My 2 cent..,decent Sharks cost waaaaaaaaay above 10bil.., hell..,only my sinks cost as much..!!..and doesn't matter if it is new bro flown or not.., many ppl r willing to bling an incursion ship to the brim..., which actually makes sense.., since incursion fleets is one of the "safest" place to fly a Red/Purple ship in.., also FYI.., i carry a mobile depot and in an imminent TCRC wall.., i swap my TE for 3 x Sentient Signal Amplifiers.., which in combo with Radar Sensor Compensation to 5 AND MWD swap with SeBo will give u abt 150 points Radar Sensor strength..., which will give u the strength to show the finger to the Niarja's..! Also consider using Nomads.., i just love the agility and getting a BS close to 5 sec warp time ain't bad at all.., plus u get the advantage to hunt the freakin' Sanha's down like dogs in an instant..! Oh..,and armor reppers top rule..!.., triple A and logi will love u..,let alone fellow Sharks.., ALWAYS keep them locked (needless to say safety to GREEN..!) Oh boy..,am i gonna get thrashed for this post or not..!!!