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  1. Updating the guides

    I try to cycle the MWD once at this point for the acceleration boost it gives me but then manually set my speed to ~200m/s so i'm not speeding into the tower and bumping straight back off it (remember to reset your speed to full as soon as you start heading back to the MTAC Fu~~~~ ummm factory) not sure if that's too advanced for the guide but seems to do the trick nicely
  2. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    they did indeed change it a few months ago, it is Shift-F to launch, Shift-R to recall
  3. What is better for the fleet?

    Crying over here in my Nightmare
  4. 100% Loot Drop Event

    Whoops, ignore me
  5. 100% Loot Drop Event

    I've just tested, and no 100% loot drop when i filled a corvette with crap and flew into a TCRC BTW: FIRST POST YAY