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  1. Proactive Cap Transfer

    Always precapped roles, ddd then vvv then hhh, and meatshield But Some of them are good enough they never need cap So lately I wait to see if they broadcast cap at least once, and if they do - start precapping p.s. nostalgic reading 1st post. We had Logi Commanders back then..
  2. I did L4s in meta rails cormorant:) And not just easy ones. Fun times.
  3. Elite Basi Fits

    Mardiorer, your Savior fit meet almost all req., seriously just double check LSE against R&R note also, that Savior pilot is more likely to pull aggro, and it does happen even with (sleepy/bad) marauders in fleet, thus double reduced tank (it is already reduced on cap stables compared to chain basi) + Savior is kinda.. idea with disadvantages. So, if you somehow could just put faction LSE, no less problem And, for your badges question. L+ badge lets you fly any logi fit, if FC allows it. It would be not SRPable if it does not meet R&R.
  4. Anime

    +1 to Psycho-Pass , should not have forgotten "Interlude" too. I did not get the whole of it, and there are not a lot of anime I can say that about. Part of why I like this OVA
  5. Anime

    Can't say about Naruto was to long to watch for me When I think about anime these springs to mind: Higurashi Miyazaki Hell Girl Ghost in the Shell Wolf's Rain Full Metal Alchemist GTO Re:Zero , Sword Art Online Mirai Nikki Lain: Serial Experiments Speed Grapher Shingetsutan Tsukihime / Type-Moon Tokyo Ghoul
  6. Concurrent MTAC if fun in terms of training vs contest. Maybe they even should try to bump each other time to time for training purpose (not really unless they know what they are doing which is seem rare about anyone in fleet. Only should advice assuming people would not think about why and when, it seems, so sad?)
  7. "Can I bring my Vargur?"

    I understand what you want to say, about starter Vargur, Linwood Davion, I really do. That would not work, sadly, because while WtM is being friendly community, it's governed buy rules and they are rigid. And they are holding community together - for years. Mach is best bet for you now. What Niki said. If you really want to bring something that does not follow ALL the rules, there is only one way. You need to Complete WtM Resident Training program, prove - we have exams for that - that you understand _really all implications_. Than you can attempt to change rules, and have a fair go at it.
  8. WTM D&D

    Oh they made 5th edition already? When I played 3rd was most common, and 3.5 was kinda novel. Feeling nostalgic yes, but to really play...
  9. Blobert's TPPH Basi Experiment

    3 cycles is bad. waste a LOT of module uptime during deactivating/reactivating. its bad when basi only cap broadcasts (and you know thats how 3rd room is so broadcasts abundant) should add in rookie guide/logibro speech "never have your CC idle longer then your locktime" sigh. maybe should focus of them capping at all, and for pro-tactics for general public its to early. though we do have apt logi squads sometimes.
  10. Blobert's TPPH Basi Experiment

    I think you're right dark. All-5-but-Logi-4 Basi 1xT2 Minimal fit would cap out in 1:17min by itself. But solution is ez. "If your number i red, you always cap down. Experiment pertains only up caps which acts as combat cap in 1-2 tpph." Also, in 1st room tpph each particular basi never need two combat caps on outuni target because for 1 outuni 1 cc is enough. The issue with this tactic may be if when inexperienced basi continue to rep then cap out themselves. Solution is less ez. Basi "pro" mode is to be turned on (may be in MotD) only when FC trust CCC, and CCC confirms he trust his logi wing. Pilot awareness is the key. We could add more fancy tactics to pro mode later on, like for instance dropping chain on TPPH tower bash (though refitting 0/6 there is much more effective but with no refit, 2cc is still twice more then 1) Upside is huge. FC could reduce CC number from 4+ for TPPH (which they prefer to run with nowadays). This increase scimi links number and TPPHs are sites where links help most because of lot of burning to targets.
  11. Logi Agro

    May it soon happen that no-chaining-up be permitted officially in 1-2 tpph? If so wonderful news, I honestly did that mmm several times (almost every time I could and fleet was cap hungry) when I had basi chain buddy I knew wouldn't mind and be spooked. It works. If pilot is in control of situation, everything works. I didn't pull on purpose with logi because it would have given fleet members wrong impression of something bad and dangerous happening, or worse, it would give newbro logi an impression it is normal for logi to pull aggro (these different things). By itself, if pilot is in control pulling certain waves to proper position, its like Zane said, it helps and danger is ~nonexistent, and getting to gate in time - tell my 1k+ m/s basi its slowest ship in fleet. But I still rather not do it in logi, because misunderstandings outweight benefit in my book.
  12. niki's shop

    But niki liked the idea. Makes my mind wander
  13. Wait List Manager / Fits

    Try VPN? Maybe you are using particular antivirus/firewall which are same for both devices, if so try to temporary disable them
  14. EDENCOM Ships

    or bait yellow blinking ibis, they going to shoot them i think
  15. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    Fallout 4, Eve, IceWind Dale, MoO-2