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  1. What am I eating right now.

    New forum topic, post all the delicious pics of food that you are eating. I had Canadian back-bacon and sauteed spinach Eggs Benedict today, on homemade English muffins. yes the Hollandaise is made from scratch too! so delicious
  2. Nichs Abyssal Shop

    I saw him first Elize......well technically he saw me first!
  3. Nichs Abyssal Shop

    500 mill for both Sold Sold, Suck it Elize
  4. What is better for the fleet?

    Hello Commrade, The others have said it pretty well already, a little tip for those armour shots previously mentioned. VVR suggests splitting your gun in two stacks, that way as they cycle they are more likely to hit that tasty armour, as well as steal kills in contests.