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  1. Logi Agro

    that in my opinion is a terrible idea, using that 10 second invuln requires Logi sitting still, this prevents the basi from getting their chain up as they cannot lock each other, this is 10 seconds where they should be getting moving, orbits and prop mods, begin locking their link targets and cap chain, applying reps. Having the Logi practice good Logi tactics by being as efficient as possible with getting everything they have to do at the begining of each room is paramount, regardless of it is a TPPH or TCRC, it saves lives. having them learn to take advantage of the 10 second invuln is just teaching them it is ok to take a gate first and just sit there. Where as BS taking the gate first they have enough buffer to last the time it takes for the first logi to properly land and start applying reps. And everything I have said doesn't even take into consideration logi pilots with Ascendancies, who btw even if they wait until at least half the BS take the gate can and often do still land at the same time as the BS.
  2. Logi Agro

    Logi aggro is something that can be simply solved. Logi should do their best to NOT drawn aggro (sometimes it is un avoidable, looking at you 3rd room tpph orbits). To not draw initial aggro all logi SHOULD WAIT until they see at roast half the BS take the gate (except in a tcrc, they should take it as soon as FC calls fleet in. In here they should get better at managing their reps and get their orbits up asap). For the rest it is as simple as more effecting rep management. Logi SHOULD NEVER PULL AGGRO ON PURPOSE!!! ESPECIALLY BASI AS THAT CAN SCREW THE CAP CHAIN. These are my thoughts.
  3. What am I eating right now.

    New forum topic, post all the delicious pics of food that you are eating. I had Canadian back-bacon and sauteed spinach Eggs Benedict today, on homemade English muffins. yes the Hollandaise is made from scratch too! so delicious
  4. What is better for the fleet?

    Hello Commrade, The others have said it pretty well already, a little tip for those armour shots previously mentioned. VVR suggests splitting your gun in two stacks, that way as they cycle they are more likely to hit that tasty armour, as well as steal kills in contests.