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  1. Drone DPS, Bunnies, and Sandbagging

    I'll be testing this in fleets that I run over the next few weeks to see how it goes and what speed we gain from it if any.
  2. Drone DPS, Bunnies, and Sandbagging

    Davonious, thanks for the heads up: I didn't know about the fleet booster running the hull repper. Also we don't need any more than 1 set of 5 armor bots for slow fixes on ships and drones after shields are caught. I made this list based on cheaper variations (aka not gecko's and not using oversize drones) So based on what you said here is a new list: 8 logis: with drone assignments: (DDD) 2x5 armorbots 1x5 sw-300 (Webifier) 1x5 tp-300 (Painting) 4x5 Hobgoblin II or Acolyte II 1 Fleet booster + drones for fit 1 Webs specialist (Bhalgorn/loki) + drones for fit 20 DPS (Vindicator/Leshak) 20x5 Ogre II 10 Sniper (Nightmare/Mach) all with 5x mixed heavy or medium ----------------- * note some fits might have over-sized drones but this is the maximum drone numbers we might see, especially if we choose to have the FC micromanage the Logi's drone choices. So this is 36 x 5 = 180 drones out and assigned. ddd would have 4 lights, and 2 support sets.(30) hhh1 full (50) hhh2 full (50) hhh3 full (50) (unless non drone boats are used like loki for web role then 45) Having 2/3 of our heavy/ mediums not doing HHH priority means chasing targets for long periods of time, and longer site time, and less money per time. So having 3 ships burning out to target and close ranging it means drone targets melt almost as fast as primaries and we free VVV up to shoot targets normally.
  3. Drone DPS, Bunnies, and Sandbagging

    Ok spoken to a few FC's in TS and here's my final point: HHH shoots targets backwards to minimize travel time, and maximize DPS application we have 30 people putting out medium/heavy drones and only 10 of them are doing this reverse list. That means the other 20 are either not deployed, or chasing primaries with the VVV. We need 3 Heavy bunnies, all doing separate targets together to get best DPS from our drones, and also as a call-out system for done bunny full, ass all 3 should be full without ogres in nightmares, or gecko's deployed.
  4. Drone DPS, Bunnies, and Sandbagging

    To expand: Ideal fleet without newbro's could look like this and make us look more competetive: 8 logis: with drone assignments: (DDD) 2 hullbots 2 armorbots 1 TP 1 web 4 Hobgoblin II 1 Fleet booster 1 Webs specialist (Bhalgorn) 30 mixed DPS preferring heavy drone capable. (prefer 2/3 DPS for towers) So what this means is we need 3 HHH's all full with 2 more overflow set of 5 drones (to ddd would be fine) Unless all 3 of the HHH's are full, people are sandbagging. Also using logi for a small specialist swarm for DDD frees up dps from our BS. This will be an extra task for FC/backset to accomplish, but will make us much, much more likely to hold our own and get happy GC's instaed of the other kind. Pacolipse
  5. Raw discord post: ok, theory crafting question. Right now we only have HHH and DDD, but if only 50 drones can assign per person this is wrong ideal fleet would have lots of ogres and hammerheads out overwhelming HHH so large amounts of people are sandbagging by not drastically overwhelming the HHH we should also use logi to increase light drone dps and only have the 10x armor and 10x hull drones needed to do spot fixes slowly after a shield catch (shield drones would be more effective in emergencies anyways) So i think a little more micromanaging is called for on drone cloud control so we are not losing contests for this reason so 10x person per drone bunny with logi use equal 4x drone bunnies not 2 if were not filling 3, people are sandbagging also specify 4 logis to do armor;/hull and the rest hobgoblins maybe a set of 5x target painter drones and web drones on the DDD could help when they are evading webs and keeping range (Pacolipse/Jetcanplumber)