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  1. WTS Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizers

    Hey all Been rolling some Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizers and have a few extra. The primary ones listed are extra and I'm flexible with the price - they are better than Faction. I have a few others that I am personally using. I'm throwing them up here so I can make other upgrades. Make an offer if interested. Base module is Federation Navy/Shadow Serpentis Magnetic Field Stabilizer. That is 1.12x/11%/25.84% for damage (Damage Mod/Rate of Fire Bonus/Base Unstacked DPS) and 28.0 tf. Faction Upgrades 1.) 1.128x/10.46%/25.98% and 16.39 tf - 110m OBO 2.) 1.118x/11.56%/26.41% and 27.37 tf - 175m OBO My nice ones: 3.) 1.135x/12.81/30.18% and 27.06 tf - Offer 4.) 1.14x/12.11/29.71% and 17.75 tf - Offer 5.) 1.117x/12.27%/27.32% and 17.22 TF - Offer Can contract Jita 4-4 or where ever WTM is at the time. Here are a few others and the spreadsheet I made.