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  1. Drone DPS, Bunnies, and Sandbagging

    Well, yes, we could minmax how many drones of each kind everyone brings and coordinate it beforehand, and improve a lot of things. But WTM is fundamentally not at all a minmaxing community. If most people in fleet have drones in the right place, and listen to the FC well enough to most of the time be where they should, that's gonna have to be serviceable as a low for a loosely tied, open community. The premiere goal of most of the line members is to sit back and chill, shoot stuff, chatter about nullsec changes or turkey roasting and maybe save up to that fancy skin. And WTM has survived and thrived for a very long time, catering to this core group. This could be changed into something vastly more serious, but that has high costs in terms of how many pilots we would lose or not be able to bring. This in turn results in severely reduced uptime (which atm is a main selling point of flying with WTM) and it changes the climate into a competitive one, over time increasing tention and drama between participants. What likely follows then is that even a portion of those who can live up to higher requirements will leave as they don't enjoy the experience anymore, and isk/hour which had increased from 100 to 300 drops to 0 with 9 ppl and their alts left in fleet trying to form, wondering how WTM died when performance was at such a high. (Let's not even have to sit for three hours trying to form, even if we eventually can field 20 leshaks and sustain on 5 logi, imo.) Still, improvements can and should be made, certainly, as long as we keep in mind what it is that has allowed WTM to stay relevant. The blatant sandbagging you mention initially can and should definitely be thwarted, especially if we help the FC realize when it's happening. We don't want to end up in a spot where it feels useless to put in the extra mile because someone's been "dcing" on beacon the last three sites. But FCs are good at counteracting this, and I've no doubt they can sort out who isn't deploying drones.
  2. Basichat blooper

    We were setting up cap chain after some replacements and I had dropped unstable, and then once chain was fixed I called CC to pilot 'Bump Back'. Resulting in this:
  3. "www" and "nnn" in WTM-Basi

    Hello fellow logi I would like to question our use of the "www/-www" and "nnn/-nnn" notations in basi chat. I don't see their usefulness, and would like to have it explained to me if I am missing something. If i am not, I think they should both be removed from use. WWW first. While being webbed of course increases the danger, noticing that someone is webbed has very little impact on counter-actions. A logi with aggro already should get attention from other logis, and repairs should be applied. As another logi I don't respond differently to "this basi has full room!" and "this basi has full room and is webbed!". And as the targeted pilot I'd much rather make sure I have my broadcast(s) in order and some transversal up, and get on considering if I want to heat invul, than take my eyes off centerscreen and add information that doesn't change the responce. Arguably webs are even more dangerous to scimitars, but they don't call them out, and they don't see basichat to assist the webbed basi. FC doesn't see it either, so you'll still get called out for having your prop mod off either way. NNN then. When someone calls out that they are being neuted, I have no idea how to respond. Do they need cap? Are they typing "nnn" instead of broadcasting for cap? Do they have the outuni? Or are they just seeing the icon and typing it out of habit or because they have to? If there's not also a cap broadcast to go with, and it's a pilot I know has flown before, I assume that they are fine on cap. But if it's someone I havent flown with, well, they might be completely dry and the capchain might be in danger. It's unlikely, but I can't know for certain and having this commando at all adds unnecessary confusion in my opinion. I would like to have a binary broadcast or no broadcast, in addition to s and -s, and that's it. Get rid of the guessing. Often if you're being neuted by something that's not an outuni and you've got nothing to repair you've more spare cap than when your reppers are running. When this happens to me, I don't see any reason to call out to other basis who already have enough to manage that they need to start figuring out if i am sitting on 97% cap with a frig on me, or if the whole fleet is in danger. Both of these also add an unwanted moment when you are losing aggro. When this happens I want to broadcast 'in position' and then directly get on repairing who got the aggro instead rather than having to keep in mind if I have remembered to add information to basichat that was really already provided by my broadcast. Already without these, flying the basi has higher requirements in terms of player effort than flying a scimitar, and I'd like to spend less time typing. Thoughts? (It's not in question that calling out who you are combat capping and that you are jammed is necessary, as well as cap stability checks of course.)