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  1. Another new face - suggestions on what role to pick?

    I've only been doing incursions for a short while but I love love love flying DPS. I will eventually try Logi but for now, DPS is my favorite.
  2. New To Incursions

    I just fit up my mega navy issue and have meta 4 guns. EMP isn't an option for them. I'm I correct in assuming I should use Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge L?
  3. New To Incursions

    Ahh okay. The copy past stuff isn't working for some reason so I'll just manually set it up. Hopefully I will be able to get in fleet tonight or tomorrow! Super excited! My CEO has already gone on a number of them so far as first time ever logi. Hehehe! Thanks again!
  4. New To Incursions

    Hello again. I've been going through some of the fittings to try and see why my character can fly and am having some troubles. She is two fairly long level 5 skills away from the Hyperion sadly, but not far at all from the Maelstrom. Since you said the Mega isn't accepted because it's squishy (it's still on your list of fittings btw. ), will the Maelstrom still be accepted? If so, I understand it's okay to use Meta Level 4 if I'm unable to use the Tech II guns? Will it be harder for me to get into a fleet using the meta guns? If not, what is the best PVE ammo to use for the 1400mm Scout Artillery's? I'm not used to PVE at all so forgive my derpiness. I am soooo anxious to come learn how to do incursions. My final question for now is to see if there is a way to export the fittings you guys have on Osmium into something like Pyfa and EFT? I see an import button and a convert button but neither of those are doing what I need. Thank you!
  5. New To Incursions

    Thank you so much! I think my WH Ceo may come along with me as he hasn't ever run incursions either! Look forward to the experience!
  6. New To Incursions

    Wow! Ya know, I've been playing Eve for almost two years now and have always floundered around because of being so super intimidated by all of the smart guys and having never been a gamer girl in my life, I've just never really asked many questions. I can honestly say that I have NEVERRRR, EVER received such a helpful and welcoming response from anyone in this game. Thank you soooooo soooo much! Now I'm even more excited! I will check out the fits and get into the channel in game and get myself ready. Hopefully I can catch a fleet this weekend to help out on. I do have another alt in the same wh that is logi cruiser L5 if you ever have use for him too. I love being dps but I enjoy logi too and I'm assuming that rewards are split equally between the members of the fleet? I will do whatever is necessary to be useful to the fleet. Does it say in the chat channel where the incursions will be run in coming days? For example, if I hope to get in on some during the weekend coming up, is it something I can plan for? Are there fleets regularly going out or could I end up waiting a couple of days? I'm only asking that because my girl is a WH'r and when our small Corp are on, she is the rattlesnake pilot for sites so I'd have to probably plan a little bit. I can always self destruct and fly to wherever my ship is and bring it to the incursion sites. Especially I know a little in advance. Thank you again sooooo sooooo much! I am super excited to participate with you guys! I'm so glad my friend recommended me to you. Now to get him signed up here and in fleets with me. Hehe!
  7. New To Incursions

    Hello, I was told about WTM from a friend that said I could make money running incursions. I've not done anything really in Eve other than fleet pvp and some WH life. I don't know much about killing rats aside from the very few I've shot at in C3 and C4 combat sites and I use Eve Survival to figure out which ones to shoot first. I am very interested in learning about incursions and running them with you as you seem to be most experienced. My character that would be doing them is able to fly up to a Megathron right now but hopefully can get her into something more important or useful to fleets once I get a feel for how they work and what might be most needed. Am I too new to incursions to come along on a couple of fleets? If not, I have a couple of questions after reading the new person guide that my friend sent me. Where are the incursions done? HS, LS? Does my character have to have any particular standings with a faction or be in a positive security status or is she okay at zero security status? Do the incursions come up in the same place or are you guys always moving around? My character actually lives in a WH but I would be bringing her out on the days I can fly with you guys. So my only concern would be getting my ship/ships to the incursion place. If it's in HS, I'm not too worried but in LS, it could be a bit scary. I'm sure I'll have more questions but for now, those are the ones that came to mind. Thank you in advance for any feedback you can give this newb to incursions chic who is very interested in making some iskies!