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  1. What the Fuck !

    I am very sorry to my recent messages. However, this is my reason. 6 years ago my fit wold have been great! However i am not sure about today. I would just sugggest that the person who runs the OPS looks the the char history! I will do my best to change my fit of my Logi ship. However I would like to know why! This is where the leadership failed. Why do i need peth c type equpment? I have other equipment on mine. 5 years ago when I used my ship I was cap steady. If it's not the same today the FC should explain! why it is not! BTW This is my olive branch ------->>> know The FC tonight was great! However he could have been a bit more into his fleet and expanded why!
  2. What the Fuck !

    Actually i will reply one more time. When i was a FC , and had other roles. I would gladly give my opinions and worries. However if i really think that they could have a better fit. I would talk to them in private and give my suggestions and hear them out. I did not get that chance !
  3. What the Fuck !

    You were asked by the voice FC to adjust your fit and proceeded to argue with them and throw around your character age and claimed experience. Such attitude is neither welcome, nor received well and was handled fairly well by most standards. You are more than welcome to come fly with us when you can fit your ships as we request and don't give attitude. IS that you said. I didn't argue with the FC. I just asked WHY No one could give me a why! So fuck it I do something else. Char age use to have a lot of weight in this game! However today anyone with money can have a titan pilot in days ! My time it took YEARS to get that honor. I looked up your Char 2017 one of the new age Char. You want understand me! so don't try. As i said I want come back here I feel a lot of Disrespect to the old players here
  4. What the Fuck !

    Today was my first day logging into the NEW EVE. I payed for month to see what has changed. Well my first experience was the new players are DICK! Back in my day which was 5 years ago we accepted those willing. We would suggest fits and make recommendations ! However my experience today wish SHIT. I was a Top Notch Logi Pilot and even by today specs i think i had more SP and IRL exp then the people that would not accept me. I payed my time and with this one day of how i was accepted i don't think today\s Eve is better then yesterdays! Even in the TS severs i didn't feel welcome like i was years ago! A FC Fleet Commander would have came to the person and told them how they would like the fit to be! Today i did not get that respect ! so Fuck This Site ! i been Playing Eve loner then most of the FC in this site ! i go somewhere else!