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  1. Logi School: Wednesday 7th 23:00

    I'll do another after the next focus despawns in a week's time. I will try to use my crystal ball and divine when it will be down further in advance and get it posted ahead of time.
  2. The next scheduled logi school is just hours away. Date: Wednesday August 7th Time: 23:00 Location: Hardbako III - Moon 1 - Minmatar Mining Corporation Refinery Instructor: Jeremy Weimer The class is open to everyone, and you do not need logi skills or even a logi ship to attend the class. For those without a logi ship, some simple tech-1 Ospreys will be made available. Regards Jeremy
  3. Travel Fits

    The only thing I would add to Foshkey's great guide is: If you have shiny invulns like Pith A's on your incursion battleship, put those bad boys on your bowhead when you move focuses. You are already putting the Pith A's at risk by putting them inside your bowhead ,you may as well fit them and put them to good use. Foshkey's fit with overheated Pith A's is 604k EHP. Always double check your bowhead pilot, and scout pilot have their destinations set to the same focus. In fact triple check it. Bad things happen when you don't actually follow the safe route your scout is scouting for you.
  4. You need to open your internet options. You can do that by going to the start menu and typing internet options, or by opening Internet Explorer and selecting internet options threw it. It doesn't matter if your browser of choice is Chrome, Firefox or something else, you have to open the internet options that Internet Explorer and Windows uses as this is what Eve's in game browser ties into. Once you are there, click on the advanced tab, and scroll down to the bottom of the long list. Find "Use SSL 2.0" and remote the check mark next to it.