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  1. Starting September 20th, 2020 the Machariel will no longer be considered an optimal hull in our fleets. This change has been made as we no longer feel this ship is the optimal hull for the role we have it performing in our fleets and would rather have people use their training time to pivot into a Vindicator, Nightmare, or Leshak. Once the hull is transitioned to an "other accepted" hull you will still be able to x-up with a Machariel, however once you have flown in our fleets for 30+ hours, then you will possibly have your Machariel skipped over for an optimal hull.
  2. Newbro's Request

    Sorry, but that is going to be a no.
  3. A Question About SRP

    Just going to take a moment to expand on this explanation fully. When a ship is lost, we look at the total worth listed in the kill mail to begin with. As shown in this image, the value on this example is 2,250,061,899 ISK. So if I had only 2 billion ISK in coverage, then I would not get that extra 250 million back. However, the process doesn't end here. Next we look at what dropped, and determine what the commanders where able to loot and contract back to the pilot. Any drops that were contracted back to the pilot will be removed from the value of the payout. So in the example killmail above, if 1 billion ISK worth of stuff was looted and contracted back to me, I would get paid out 1,250,061,899 ISK. If for some reason, the dropped loot was not able to be recovered and returned to me, then it would not be removed from the payout, and I would receive a payout of 2 billion ISK. Which, while also less than the value of my loss, is the maximum amount of coverage I had. The point being, that you should be able to take the payout you receive, combine that with the loot that was contracted back to you, and rebuild your ship just like it was before you experienced the rapid unexpected disassembly of your previous ship.
  4. Travel Fits

    The only thing I would add to Foshkey's great guide is: If you have shiny invulns like Pith A's on your incursion battleship, put those bad boys on your bowhead when you move focuses. You are already putting the Pith A's at risk by putting them inside your bowhead ,you may as well fit them and put them to good use. Foshkey's fit with overheated Pith A's is 604k EHP. Always double check your bowhead pilot, and scout pilot have their destinations set to the same focus. In fact triple check it. Bad things happen when you don't actually follow the safe route your scout is scouting for you.
  5. You need to open your internet options. You can do that by going to the start menu and typing internet options, or by opening Internet Explorer and selecting internet options threw it. It doesn't matter if your browser of choice is Chrome, Firefox or something else, you have to open the internet options that Internet Explorer and Windows uses as this is what Eve's in game browser ties into. Once you are there, click on the advanced tab, and scroll down to the bottom of the long list. Find "Use SSL 2.0" and remote the check mark next to it.