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  1. Is there a process to appeal a ban?

    Title says it all.
  2. Newbro Hello o/

    Everyone always says incursion videos are stale... maybe we are just doing it wrong
  3. Fun Fleet, of sorts: "Where No Man Has Gone Before". 7-24-20, 1600h.

    I've been asking for an NCN fun fleet for ages. Thank you so much for making this dream a reality.
  4. Fitting a Signal Amplifier to a Basi

    Run standard mindflood instead of synth. it's better and usually slightly cheaper.
  5. Fitting a Signal Amplifier to a Basi

    I suspect that mindflood would get you the delta you need at somewhat negligeable cost. Whether fits that require drugs are allowed per the R&R though I am not sure.
  6. Newbro's Request

    Since when is drone scavenging while not in fleet a bannable offence? Obviously taking drones from fleetmates is not allowed, but if you aren't in fleet WTM cannot reasonably expect to have you return others' drones. I have been on WTM fleets where we scooped TDF drones left in a 1st room TPPH and this was not considered a problem. I would expect TDF or any other group to scoop drones left by WTM in a similar circumstance. Bottom line, some FCs might refer to them as "drone thieves" but you shouldn't expect anyone not in fleet with you to give you back any drones you lose. This is a public group which means that generally anything you do outside of the community shouldn't be addressed in the rules.
  7. Newbro's Request

    Just follow the fleet and pick up lost drones. The money is better.
  8. A Question About SRP

    Yeah izumi covered everything very nicely
  9. A Question About SRP

    Okay so this thread is now just leading me to think that this is actually a very seriously vague thing that needs to be clarified if officers/ FCs are possibly dissagreeing about how this works, because if that is the way its done Jeremy then Vargun's math doesn't check out, and in his example the payout would not be a full 2 billion, but rather 1.5 billion as I mentioned. Just a simple "your coverage level covers you up to that amount for the (white/red) value" I think this is a pretty important clarification to make because if the coverage is only good for total value and not just destroyed value, there are probably a lot of pilots purchasing lower SRP coverage who think they are going to be okay if they lose a ship but may recieve next to nothing. A logi for example who dropped over 300 million in loot would recieve 0 SRP unless they paid in that day.
  10. A Question About SRP

    This helps a lot and is consistent with how it had been explained to me before so it sounds like I had it right to begin with. The calculation a few people were suggesting was used would only pay out 1.5 billion in such a scenario, as the value of returned loot 500mil + the 1.5 SRP would equal the coverage level. Glad to know that's not how it's done, though it still would be nice to get a more specific wording for that in the SRP corp bio with all the other teems and conditions
  11. A Question About SRP

    So the question came up today in WTM local about how coverage levels for SRP funcion. My understanding prior to the discussion was that coverage levels were for the amount destroyed. (e.g. If you had 2 billion coverage and your 3 billion ship dropped 1 billion in loot you would still receive full coverage because the destroyed value was below 2 billion) After this conversation I am more inclined to think that coverage is based on total value (in other words, the SRP corporation considers the value of modules that were returned as part of the SRP payment, and in the above example, you would be paid out only 1 billion for your 2 billion of coverage) Whichever of these is true, I think it could use some written clarification. The most detailed explanation of the SRP I have seen on the forum is the rookie guide, which leaves this detail completely vague. The bio on the SRP corporation is similarly vague.
  12. 100% Loot Drop Event

    Good Point
  13. 100% Loot Drop Event

    For those who don't know, smartbombs have no effect on wrecks, so yes it is possible to loot after a SB gank. Smartbombing only enough to kill logi and hoping the rats will kill the battleships has certainly been done. From what I understand it has never been particularly successful. My opinion is that it is a terrible strategy. The call from FC as soon as it is clear smartbombs will kill logi in such a scenario should be to broadcast a warp to and in all likelyhood only 1 or maybe 2 battleships will actually be scrammed by rats, and the rest of the fleet will warp off safe. You are looking at trading probably 10 SB battleships for (if the gankers are fairly lucky) all the logi and 3 battleships (and all the wrecks will be inside a live site and difficult to loot) Dont get me wrong, I'm sure the paperwork on that is still hell for the incursion FC, but from the gankers' POV it's not an amazing victory unless the rats happen to pick their targets well, and even then it is a pain in the ass to get the loot out. Gankers don't like plans that rely on luck. The only efficient way to do it that I can see is to essentially pipe bomb the entire fleet outside the site as they land. (targeting a single well chosen battleship is another way but unless the hq system is in a 0.5 or 0.6 it doesn't make sense because you could just gank battleships as they move through the pipe systems which is easier and cheaper) With a spy in comms or a very good scout you could get your fleet into system just as the target finishes a TCRC, when they may be too distracted to see a 30-40 person local spike, and then you warp to their beacon right before they do, and wait there for the fleet to land. As soon as they land you start locking them up. Each SB Battleship should have a few scrams. about 6 seconds after the first battleship lands you start smartbombing and scramming everything. You need enough smartbombs to do probably 120k damage. 150k for safety. In a 0.8, as I said, I'm guessing between 30 and 40 SB Battleships should do it. About 15-20 seconds after the smartbombs start 2 haulers warp on grid; they should land just after everything is dead and the bombing has stopped (everything includes all those shiny ascendency pods) Hauler 1 loots all the wrecks and jettisons cargo. Hauler 2 picks it up and warps off.
  14. 100% Loot Drop Event

    The HQ system is in a 0.8, so it would take probably 40 smartbombing battleships to clear out a fleet. If you figure 100mil per ship, thats a 4 billion investment. (which is fucking huge for a gank fleet) It might be fairly profitable still even at tha cost, but with so many easier targets out there nobody is likely put in that amount of effort unless they have motivations outside of just the ISK.
  15. Standard Praxis Fit?

    I'm well aware of that and I'm not trying to be critical of management's decision to not allow the ship. I just found this thread and realised I have a fit that challenges the assertion made above that the praxis puts out less dps than T1 WTM fits.