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  1. Apparently I haven't checked this for a while and it kinda took off, so here's 2 more cents from me: As far as I know, tractor beams are required on machs. Requiring cap transfers on nightmare and other non-mach snipers with utility highs is no different: not every mach volunteers for mtac even though they have have beams but they can be told to do it, same should go for nightmares and others.
  2. Title says it all, mostly aimed at nightmares, any ship with utility highs is applicable (like marauders). It's an unnecessary drain on logi when snipers broadcast for cap (except for Outini waves) when the snipers can do it themselves. Ideally, snipers should never be broadcasting for cap except when neuted.
  3. Waitlist manager needs to track AFK pilots

    Thanks for discussion folks. I'd just like to iterate again that I do support the waitlist and I'm glad it's helping fleet comp and what not, I just think it needs to be tweaked. To cover a couple similar arguments, the waitlist does provide a first-come first-serve basis, but the reality of how I think it's being used by a lot of people (myself) is that it's being used as a "first to come and put my name on a list" rather than a "first to come ready to fly basis". The only thing that was really unfair about the old X-up method was that someone consistently fast could get into fleet after 20 min whereas someone consistently slow would be waiting forever, and we still had rules such as "don't X-up until you're at most 3 jumps out", which, to me, implied wanting active participants rather than those X-ing-up for later. And with the old method, if you were significantly far out you got put in AFK squad until someone dropped and there was space for you at best, or just flat out told not to try until you were at the focus (which was done most of the time IIRC). I'd like to see a similar emphasis put on active participants with this new waitlist manager.
  4. Waitlist manager needs to track AFK pilots

    I appreciate the response from the perspective of an FC, Foshkey. I do agree with the basis of the waitlist as you've stated, although I think adhereing to the strict first-come, first-serve system is detrimental to the community. Having spent a half-decent amount of time in the WTM public channel (both while waiting and while doing other activities and just chiming in now and then), I don't recall nearly as many complaints in the X-up days from people not being quick enough when the lines were posted or about wait times versus seeing complaints almost every time I'm in the public channel for more than 20 min about the waitlist as it's set up now. From what I understand, the waitlist was created for people that were consistently too slow to X-up under the old system. These people are active players, as they were trying (and failing) to X-up in time. Adding some sort of anti-AFK behaviour to the waitlist would do nothing to hurt the people too slow to X-up (and we've all probably been there, I know I have a few times) while deterring people from taking advantage of the waitlist system, people who would have other not flown with the fleet until a few hours after the joined the waitlist anyways because they wouldn't be able to X-up until then under the old system. Since I see that you feel the same way I do about the whole fairness aspect of it, perhaps other FC's do as well and maybe it's something you could bring up to WTM leadership since I'm not really in a position to do so.
  5. Waitlist manager needs to track AFK pilots

    I thought the point of the waitlist was to create a first-come, first-serve system, not add yet another AFK playstyle.
  6. So firstly I'd like to say that I do understand and agree that the waitlist manager makes joining fleets more fair as it enforces as first-come first-serve system. However, what I don't agree with is the fact that it is enabling people to essentially not be ready to play the game and this makes in unfair for people who are patiently sitting at their computers intending to play the game " right now" (but perhaps browsing the web or watching YouTube or something off to the side to kill a little time, but still at the computer). The common counter-argument to this is that if someone is AFK the next person on the list gets the invite and while true, I think it's unfair that somebody who's been AFK almost the entire time gets into fleet while the guy after them that's been waiting nearly as long at his computer the entire time has to wait an extra 15 min to 30 min (up to even an hour on particularly bad days), depending on the time of day, how busy fleet it, and how often people are leaving fleet. For example, one of my first exceptionally long waits I ended up going out for lunch with my wife and doing some shopping (because I anticipated a long wait), and the gong sounded as I was getting out of my car in the driveway when I got back home. Contrast this a recent experience where I was at my computer for almost 3 hours waiting to get into a fleet because I first signed up the longest guy there had only been there just over an hour. At-keyboard-for-3-hours me thinks it's completely unacceptable that AFK-me gets priority because AFK-me never intended to play the game when I first jumped on the waitlist and it's my opinion that when you start playing Eve (or anything other game really), you should be there to play right now, not 3 hours from now. To this end, I propose that a captcha, relatively simply math problem presented in picture form, or some other system that's not easily gamed by bots to check for AFK pilots every 10 min (give or take) and, if failing to complete the problem with a couple minutes, AFK pilots be cycled to the bottom of their respective queues. This would still maintain the first-come, first-serve principle but would also encourage people who are ready to fly right away to stick around and discourage people who are taking advantage of the system by queuing up when they're not really ready to play. TL;DR: Rewarding an AFK play style is just as bad as only picking people with the shiniest fits, let's fix this.