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  1. Warptome Banned?

    Thank you, seems that I have good news to my new corp
  2. Warptome Banned?

    Hi there I'm a returning player of Eve Online, I started back in 2015 or 16 and I only played for a few months. I never got around to do incursions, but I was nearly there, having almost completed requirements to fit machariel. I'm pretty sure that I've never been on this website before and that I've never done incursions before, so it strikes me as odd that I'm banned. When I logged in for the first time in years, yesterday, I found I was banned when I joined a corporation and a member tried to invite me to some channel for incursions I think? Anyway, my ingame character name is 'Kara Searae', I would appreciate any help, thank you in advance