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  1. Tip Jar For Logi?

    Hi all o/ I have been flying with WTM for a couple of weeks now as my Alt Sydeo Ween. Really enjoying the community and I am training my Main (John) into a couple of roles to help out. One thing I was wondering, does the leadership have a position on a "tip jar" for Logi? Since Logi have to jump through some extra hoops in order to Multi-box and the train seems a bit more involved, could/should we set up a "tip jar" account to make the role a little more lucrative for Logi pilots? It seems there are a lot of Cons to flying Logi: 1. Long skill queue 2. Multi-box is off by default 3. Higher ship losses and the inconvenience of reshipping 4. A lot of responsibility to their fleet mates Maybe a tip jar would help off-set these downsides and encourage Logi to x-up? Thanks for your time o7 ps. I am training for Logi, if a Tip Jar is ever implemented, I will tip it and never accept a payout from it.