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  1. WTM Hubs?

    o/ I am working on figuring out some "staging hubs" in each region. My plan is to be able to Jump Clone to a region, grab some gear, move a few jumps to the new focus and, at the end of the focus, return the gear to that hub and jump to the next focus. The problem I am having is knowing where the best "central" systems are and I thought I would ask if anyone knows before I comb through every page in Dotlan to try and figure it out. Thanks all o7
  2. New Bro Speech Addition?

    Good morning all, Could we ask the FC's to add 1 or 2 sentences to the New Bro Speech? "Read me the last thing in the Fleet History Tab" or "Read me the 1st word in the last broadcast" and "You need to keep this tab open and be looking for Align and WarpTo commands" I only mention it because a couple of times, if the new bro joins right at a TCRC, there was some struggle to get them out safely. Thanks for your time and consideration, o7
  3. Tip Jar For Logi?

    Hi all o/ I have been flying with WTM for a couple of weeks now as my Alt Sydeo Ween. Really enjoying the community and I am training my Main (John) into a couple of roles to help out. One thing I was wondering, does the leadership have a position on a "tip jar" for Logi? Since Logi have to jump through some extra hoops in order to Multi-box and the train seems a bit more involved, could/should we set up a "tip jar" account to make the role a little more lucrative for Logi pilots? It seems there are a lot of Cons to flying Logi: 1. Long skill queue 2. Multi-box is off by default 3. Higher ship losses and the inconvenience of reshipping 4. A lot of responsibility to their fleet mates Maybe a tip jar would help off-set these downsides and encourage Logi to x-up? Thanks for your time o7 ps. I am training for Logi, if a Tip Jar is ever implemented, I will tip it and never accept a payout from it.