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  1. Alphanumeric Juxtaposition (Lotus' Fun Fleet)

    Lately we need armor reps a lot. I'm glad I carry hull bots
  2. Alphanumeric Juxtaposition (Lotus' Fun Fleet)

    This would have been perfect to bring the medic vindi out
  3. Active and Prior Service Peeps

    There is no such thing as a Former Marine. I am married to a Marine.
  4. Mardi Gras Fun Fleet

    Medic Vindi will be reporting for fleet as requested
  5. Sandman Retirement Fun Fleet

    Battle Orca and Medic Vindi for the WIN
  6. Sandman Retirement Fun Fleet

    Medic vindi coming to a system near you soon
  7. Cannonball 250 Coming Soon™

  8. I run low level missions to work on standings and the occasional roam.
  9. hi