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  1. Incursion Leshak

    warp movement speed rigs would be good however on my shield fit I use shield rigs to make it have a better buffer and a em rig so you can get 112k ehp
  2. Incursion Leshak

    just to add to this argument for leshak I am yet to lose a single contest to any fleet in any site unless they also run leshak
  3. Stream rules

    if you want to grow the community you need to advertise and by doing a few changes to making the stream more viable it does that especially for when I am in the top 2 streamers in numbers for eve online this would give good publicity and no its not that hard as you make it public also its not that hard to even know where we are without the stream, a stream delay does nothing to save a person from being ganked NOTHING AT ALL, I saw 4 shield ships get ganked yesterday and there was no stream there. nice
  4. Incursion Leshak

    we had 10 sharks on field in tdf and some of them was putting out 3700 dps on the mom the leshak is not a fit or a ship that is used conventionally usually you have no more than 8 in a fleet and they shoot whatever while the dps shoot everything else this gives them time to spool up the higher dps leshak actually kill their targets before the dps even get to them makes the site times faster sorry to add this but personally after running fleets with and without leshaks in tdf the site times differ by about 1 min-2mins in the favour of leshak I have a fit that meets all the minimal reqs to be in a fleet the only issue is leadership are stuck in this mind set that because we are not elitist then no one is aloud to be elitist with their builds and that to me is the issue I want to fly what is best and most effective not some potato ship
  5. Incursion Leshak

    @Dindil this is the kind of stuff I like even tho we are new bro friendly does that mean all our fits have to be ….. NO! we have fits there for the new bros and if they want to spend their hard earned isk in any way they see fit then so be it the srp cover upto 6bn isk so if the fit is below that and that is why WTM don't want it I see no issue I have been using this ship in armor fleet with roughly the same damage and close to same ehp as I can push out with my shield fit that I put together and we have not lost a single contest in any of the sites whether it was against WTM or some other skrubs so what im saying is this ship is viable but would be an elite fit with fit t2 implants etc so a SHINEY BUILD for the people who like to min max everything
  6. Stream rules

    all we should do is cover what is relevent System & Fleet info that is all you can close wtm chat when streaming this in turn means they dont know who you are flying with
  7. Stream rules

    basically what im saying is as long as the streamer has covered our location and the fleet then it should be enough he shouldn't need the delay the delay directly effects stream quality due to not being able to communicate with the viewers
  8. Stream rules

    also yes what im saying is if i cant stream here i will have to join other communities to stream with due to not wanting to injure my stream quality for a rule that in all realism does nothing to keep incursion runners any safer
  9. Stream rules

    What i am implying here is stream delay is useless if you cover the correct information that should be more than enough as a streamer is should be cover up the information or put the delay on if a person is going to gank incursion runners they will find us whether they watch a stream to get the rough idea where we are or they hunt us down also as you said its public knowledge where we are so why all this secrecy with streams its not like they can see other peoples ship fits only mine?
  10. Stream rules

    so the stream rules need to be investigated the delay hurts the stream if a streamer covers the information sufficiently that will give you more cover from ganks than just putting a 15 min delay on if me as a ganker saw a person in incursion I can see the system they are in I know they are in a system somewhere I will bounce around until I see them whereas if I don't know the system I have to find out what incursion area they are running before even trying that of which could mean spending hours bouncing around between incursions and then in turn meaning they will most likely miss their chance to gank us these rules are outdated and a stream delay does not protect the community from ganks more than covering relevant information if anything it is less of a cover and will put us in more danger this stream delay should be a choice if we have covered relevant information if you do not cover the information then you are required to put a stream delay on I have been advertising WTM via my stream to people who have been seriously interested in running incursions if WTM does not want this publicity to help us grow I am more than happy to move elsewhere and give them the publicity as I was before. I am happy to put this case over teamspeak and can give examples over teamspeak