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  1. WTS Nightmare for your sniping needs.

    @Malcolm Galora contract up from my alt Cristoff. Fly safe o7
  2. WTS Nightmare for your sniping needs.

    Will do, Thanks. I'll include the travel fit and few extra ammos and stuff as a gift
  3. WTS Nightmare for your sniping needs.

    Greetings! I would like to sell my nightmare. I've used this a lot a few years back, but my incursion days are over. Maybe I'll do some incursion again in the future. https://evepraisal.com/a/rbq54 I'll sell it Jita split (price is negotiable). The Nightmare is located at Lashesih - WTM Planet 5. I don't have time to move it. If you got an offer message me (Lester Loutte) ingame. And we can discuss it more. And yes, I'll just give those Abyss Heat Sinks. I must say that they are a good roll Heat Sinks. Fly Safe o7
  4. Introduction

    I think this will be a good way to maybe get to know each other. So I will write down a bit about myself also I am Lester Loutte and most of the time, I am spending my time making ISK (make ISK for the whole month and spend them in 3 hours, rinse and repeat) In other games, I mostly experiment on what is best for me, but I like to talk and make friends. Spent the most of my eve time in null sec but now those big fights really cost money without anything in return and that is bad. For WTM related, I am currently thinking about training into a scimitar and will hop into a basilisk after I got the skills to fly the minimum fit. I got a bit of industrialist side, a trader side and big of a krabbing side on me
  5. P4434 Moving Store

    Greetings Incursion Runners! We know that running to the nearest trade hub (sometimes it is far from the current focus constellation) is sooooo much hustle and can mess with your ISK/hr Don't worry, Project 4434 got a solution for that! We are now selling ammunition at every focus. WHAT ARE WE SELLING AND FOR HOW MUCH :: If you need something that I don't have, for now, send Lester Loutte a mail. :: I am selling it on contracts, you can view it there :: Prices are based on Jita price + hauling fee. Prices might adjust or change without any notice.