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  1. ISK/LP Equation

    So if you'd rather not use the shoddy LP Store websites that usually have incorrect information. Here is the simple equation you can apply to find how much ISK per LP you will get out of the LP store. Find open market value of item (buy orders) on https://evemarketer.com/ ~~ We'll call this variable G Find ISK cost in LP store ~~ We'll call this variable D Subtract D from G ~~ We'll call the answer variable H Find the LP cost in LP Store ~~ We'll call this variable LP Divide H by LP ~~ The answer to this is the ISK per Loyalty Point you will get on that item. Hope that was easy enough to follow along. Cheers o/
  2. [WTS] Entry/Alpha fit Apocalypse Navy Issue

    I currently have 232m, I will probably have 500m in a few hours (running incursions for the next 10 hours straight at least). I will need one for my alpha alt, if you could hold it for me, that'd be amazing. If not, I understand completely.
  3. [WTS] Entry/Alpha fit Apocalypse Navy Issue

    Is it still for sale?