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  1. Incursion Leshak

    Operating a Armor based Leshak in shield fleet would require considerable testing and iterating so see where it would land in the fleet comp. For the amount of time and SP i would invest into flying a Leshak optimally i could have trained an optimal vindi and then maybe moved onto some logi skills as well. Its a snowflake fit for people who what to flex. And thats fine. But as it is now it wont be an optimal fit
  2. Introduction

    Hi there! Ive been lurking here for about a month now, but i think its time to step out of the shadows and introduce myself! My name is Karanthos and i am Eve player off and on for 4 years. In past MMOs i mainly play either tank or healer. And i guess eve turned out to be no different since i also mainly fly a basi. Anyway. Stay safe out there o/ And i look forward to meeting you in fleets ~Karanthos
  3. Returning up to speed.

    Hey! Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing your around