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  1. Newbro's Request

    But now that he has posted this, and we see his name, it’s always a good idea to try and give the drones back to the pilot, if you are seen scooping drones and not trying to make the best effort to give them back, you could potentially be banned from WTM, if you try and join fleet.
  2. Newbro's Request

    o7 Hope to see you in Fleet soon, Salvaging behind WTM Fleet is ok, but you should look at other things to do, since the salvage from Incursions are pretty garbage and dont yield that much ISK,
  3. 100% Loot Drop Event

    The FC will not broadcast a warp to, instead will tell the fleet to warp anywhere BUT asteroid belts(Sansha are in them), the time it takes for the FC to broadcast something + the line pilot to right click+warp and then get into warp, you’ll maybe lose a few more then if everyone just warped out.
  4. He sold his soul to satan.
  5. Incursion Leshak

    Again, Armor Ship in a Shield Fleet, you need to bling it out to make it viable.
  6. Suggestion

    Thanks dude <3
  7. Logi School

    I will be hosting a Logi School on Feburary 9th 2019 @ 2100