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  1. Looking to get started

    Logi it is! It would take an awful long time to train into Battleship guns and I prefer logi and ewar roles in fleets anyway. I can do my damage by assisting my drones to someone else so it looks like. I do have Tech 2 missile skills, But I kinda figured missiles probably weren't the best weapon for this kind of content. It seems only Bomber's Bar and POS bashes appreciate my well developed missile muscle. Never really considered making my own corp, that's definitely an option in the mean time. Hope to see you in fleet soon!
  2. Looking to get started

    So as of today I can be in a non-npc corp that can't be wardecced, so I figured it was finally a good time to reup my account and check out Incursions, something I had always been interested in but didn't want to be in High-Sec in a Null alliance that didn't care about being war-decced. Formerly a Null-Sec Miner who flew Basi's in fleets and looking for a way to make some money in high sec now that I'm not out in Null. Have Logi 4 with 5 currently being trained and max in every other relevant skill and currently reading through your newbro guide on what I need to to to get set up with Warp To Me. At work at the moment so can't log in to the channel, is there a discord or something set up or is this forum the best way to get in touch with members while outside the game? Looking at TVP they have a very specific setup for their Logi Basi's, if I showed up with their setup would that be an acceptable fit? I can post it if needed. I currently don't have a corp at the moment are there any corps that are Incursion friendly I could look at you know of? The Allure of Null may draw me back at some point but making dank isk in high sec is a sure way to stave that off and doing it with a good group of guys will make that all the better. There was mention of a Rattlesnake in some previous post, is that an approved ship for DPS? I have close to 0 gunnery skills but about 10M in missile skills so that would be about the only way I could help DPS wise. Is there some system or station I need to get my ship staged at to participate in Warp to Me?