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  1. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    I agree man, Arthur been slacking, he needs a Nightmare
  2. Hello from the TVP Community!

    Hello WTM guys! I was a TVP FC for a pretty long time, one of the few USTZ FC's for a while as well. I have noticed you guys do somethings that i find odd/use up a lot of time resulting in slower site times. 1. TCRC Mara Primaries - Making the snipers shoot these often times has led to snipers shooting for 2-3 minutes without it dying. I noticed you do this in ANY fleet size, and when you have 4 snipers in a 32 man fleet, that eats up a LOT of time. That Alpha is better used to slap the Deltoles as you burn to the tower. The Maras can eat up the time of 4-10 snipers, but it CANNOT rep through 4-10 Snipers. I feel if you guys try it out, you will see your site times are faster if you just ignore the Maras all together. 2. NRF Snipers Final Wave - You do not burn them towards the Antem/Yulai Spawn. I know this seems like an extra step and all, and after about 2 minutes the Antems burn to their orbit distance and are 50kmish from your snipers, however those first 2 minutes of them being alive, the Snipers are hitting for about 30% of their Total DPS. If you get the AAA to burn from its current anchor position just 30k towards that spawn, your snipers will chew those Sniper targets MUCH quicker. 3. Combat Cap Requirement for TCRC - I have ran many 6 man logi squads in a TCRC since my TZ was always very low, and i have done it with just 2 Combat Caps with zero issues. I was wondering why you guys require the triple combat cap for a TCRC entrance. The Deltoles/Niarja are not anywhere near the threat you think they are in a TCRC since they are normally on the same target the Outuni are on. The first Outuni survive on Average 14 seconds on a TCRC entrance, as long as your Vinis have loaded Null, they will drop VERY quickly. The Deltole neut power is extremely low, it has never posed a threat in any fleet i have been in charge of. One of the things i love that you guys do is allow people to come in different ships. Seeing Bhaals/Snakes/Bhargest in fleet is a nice change. TVP had a hard mentality of "If it isnt Vindi/Nightmare/Mach it isnt allowed" I feel this is the reason that community died. We all know the Bhaal/Snake and Bhargest (any raven as well) is no where near as efficient, but sometimes people like to use an alt with these as it is safer and easier. With all that said and done, i am extremely happy to start being a part of this community, and if my schedule clears up i would like to apply to FC for you guys.