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  1. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    You would be surprised how offen newbros park 10,1km from me on anchor points. And since inertia is a thing in EvE, by the time I move to them close enough, cap tend to be drained.
  2. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    "Pilots who have a resebo fitted, only turn it on when you need it (to lock the mara), as it drains your cap unnecessarily." That's a very bad advice. Resebo has to little cap cost for me to waste mental capacity on micromanaging it.
  3. Incursions for alts

    Lol what. The very first comment was: "Nightmare/Vindicator Alpha" which is best response Unless You can fly logi ships - those are even more wallet friendly, but they won't be available on new character for some time, so "Nightmare/Vindicator Alpha" it's a way to go.
  4. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    Lots of Counter Strike Global Offensive - it's love/hate relation Also: HUGE amount of Portal 2 community maps (mostly during waiting on WL) Probably Cyberpunk 2077 once it gets properly patched