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  1. What is the best logi, a scimi or a basi?

    Well, fair point
  2. What is the best logi, a scimi or a basi?

    Yes. P.S. Ok, joking aside: it depends. You need both. In HQ Basilisk are valued more since fewer pilots tend to fly them (flying one is more taxing than flying Scimi or Loki), but in VG we only use Scimi, so there is that. So asking which is better is kind of silly.
  3. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    You would be surprised how offen newbros park 10,1km from me on anchor points. And since inertia is a thing in EvE, by the time I move to them close enough, cap tend to be drained.
  4. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    "Pilots who have a resebo fitted, only turn it on when you need it (to lock the mara), as it drains your cap unnecessarily." That's a very bad advice. Resebo has to little cap cost for me to waste mental capacity on micromanaging it.
  5. Incursions for alts

    Lol what. The very first comment was: "Nightmare/Vindicator Alpha" which is best response Unless You can fly logi ships - those are even more wallet friendly, but they won't be available on new character for some time, so "Nightmare/Vindicator Alpha" it's a way to go.
  6. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    Lots of Counter Strike Global Offensive - it's love/hate relation Also: HUGE amount of Portal 2 community maps (mostly during waiting on WL) Probably Cyberpunk 2077 once it gets properly patched