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  1. Booster fits

    Got it. Tbh, checking would be rather easy, since the boost% is visible on the burst icon tool-tip (includes implant bonus in it's %), and the boost range can be seen on the tactical overlay when the burst occurs. But I guess there also may be other factors I'm not be aware of, and I respect the decision to keep boosts under tighter control. Anyways, this stance is good that is mentioned here, since it was not put in the rules section, or in other parts of the site. o7
  2. Booster fits

    Skills/implants not being an issue (@ fleet command 5 + max boosts + shield/skirmish mindlink...etc) does a line pilot have a chance of flying as booster ? Only asking to know if I should retire the booster ship, or maybe sell it and put the isk twords some omega game time
  3. Booster fits

    Greetings! I have been doing incursions extensively before the on-grid booster change (with max dps, all logi, max minnie/amarr bosters, didn't like snipering). Then I took an arrow to the kn... went on a break. Now I'm looking into getting back to eve (oh .. how things have changed!) and the Claymore OGB fit I flew is no longer viable ... I started to put together some fits for shield boost. Looking at minmatar ones, Claymore/sleipnir. My pondering on Claymore vs Sleipnir are about these lines: Claymore: PROS: Can fit a cheaper tank to reach 100k EHP and 70+ shield resists (as per requirements) CONS: What the heck to fit in the spare highs...? Shield Reps: too short range to be useful, large ones are difficult to fit Armor/hull reps: useless 99% of the time, also if the target ship is saved, the logi armor rep drones will work fine over a slightly longer period of time Ship is bonused to missiles, missiles are not ideal Sleipnir: PROS: Ship bonused for turrets Medium artis can be successfully fitted, max dps out of the 3 artis + drones+implants can reach 450+ DPS, projection to close (10k) up to mid range (30-45k). Also since they are mediums, they have relatively decent tracking to assist on frigates (but is no DDD material due to lack of webs and slow with afterburner - bout 600 m/s with boosts, 500+ something without) Looks nicer in space (totally subjective, but I have a soft-spot for the ship model since my early days) CONS: Expensive tank: -1 mid slot compared to Claymore, means it kinda needs 2x deadspace invulns to get 100k+ without boosts, and 70+ resists Fitting is very tight, especially on CPU, T2 guns are difficult (read: expensive) to fit ...soo...I'm leaning towards the Sleipnir ... but am I missing something ? I keep seeing Claymore being mentioned as booster ... but what kind of fit are in use on it ? Related: how would one go about to obtaining 'approved booster' status ?