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  1. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    So I've just spent the last hour and a half shooting asteroids to test how "heat sink" modules in the high slots affect the time it takes for the gun to burn out. What I've found is that it doesn't matter at all what modules you have or don't have; the average time to burn the gun is the same with empty slots, online modules or offline modules in the high slots.
  2. Doggo pics

    My dog with her favorite toy.
  3. Target painter and signature radius

    Target painting a ship makes its signature radius larger for everyone. Turret tracking and damage application is a bit complicated but having a higher signature radius on a target is definitely helpful.
  4. Incursion Leshak

    This fit can barely survive without influence. Do you really think it would be fine as is under influence?
  5. Incursion Leshak

    The purpose of that requirement is so that our ships retain a bit of their EM resist when neuted out by Outunis.
  6. Incursion Leshak

    Passive EM modules are required on all ships except Tech II Minmatar(Scimitar and Vargur).
  7. Incursion Leshak

    All battleships, other than the Vargur, are required to have a passive EM module or rig. Once you add that to your fit the shield HP goes down to 11.2k. It would also not be possible to tank the Leshak for influence.