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  1. Need Them Badges

    Malcom got it sorted Ty dude!
  2. Need Them Badges

    Hi all, I just got back from work which means full power on the incursions! I did notice that I was put on the waitlist with 0h in fleet before. Which was awesome because I could give nikki shit for not giving me a newbro speech I also seem to have lost all my teamspeak badges, is there any chance I could have them back? Currently I qualify for the following: Under influence Island thing Aggro magnet All the cards Ascendancy
  3. Would you like to get teamspeak badges? Would you like to do insane DPS? Are you tired of not standing out? UP YOUR GAME TODAY! All the below items can be delivered to any NPC station of your liking Private message, mail or respond to this post! Leshak: Vindicator: General Stuff:
  4. Hi all, Selling the below two Abyssal Entropic Radiation Sink. Both are in Jita.