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  1. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    I know this is a tvp thing but maybe it would help. If you add rolls to the wait list to be checked by players willing. Maybe put a link next to them showing what do in each roll. Might make it easier for the fc's. Wayne Rand0m
  2. CCP nerfs

    I have to apologize for my behaver in victor victors fleet. Its just all the nerfs ccp has been doing over the year there starting to bother me. If you haven't noticed ccp has nerf all the ways to make isk in eve. I know ccp I pissed about the bots I null. But there nerfing every thin in the game that make good isk even incursions. in the past year incursions have lost two high sec spawns forcing more competition in turn is less isk for all. From my view now there shorter, don't last as long. And with that said the game don't work as well with the 64bit. 64bit does work on blob fleets making them run smoothly but there is no skill in blob fleets just an f1 monky. Then there's the stuff that don't work, Like local chat going down the late broadcasts bug and your ship changing directions randomly and more dc's then ever. In my view with all the nerfs they could at least make the game run smoothly. I do apologize to everyone that was in the fleet when I got pissed should have kept it to myself. truly sorry: Wayne Rand0m