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  1. New Pilot to Incursions Question

    with a nightmare ur good, come join :-)
  2. Elite Basi Fits

    As much as I'd love to say yes. We can't check implants :_(
  3. Anime

    Watching black clover atm at like 120/170 it gets better*
  4. thinking about coming back

    Marauders ftw
  5. New Player - New activity

    Just Keep in mind we have an upgrade policy that enforces vindi first (at 30h)
  6. Want to try incursions! Worried about sec standing in high sec

    Also make sure ur outa a npc Corp, 31mil/site u wana keep as much of that as u can most of us have 1 man corps with 0 tax
  7. Want to try incursions! Worried about sec standing in high sec

    Scimi should be 3 rep stable with everything running check the support skills and logistic cruiser level 4 or higher that's usually the killer for people. Look forward to seeing you in fleet. Dark
  8. Newbro wanting to try incursions

    Hi so we allow you to fly anything on the website for 30h then we expect you to be in an Opti ship. Some people like logi some don't, a basi level 5 is a quick way into fleet tho slightly more work in my opinion we are also low on snipers and leshaks on average atm so that's the "better" battleship entry. The focus is going to pop in approx 8h-10h with a 36h delay on next focus. so if u wana come join be fast :-) Invites can be from 30seconds to 5h depends on time of day unfortunately. Dark
  9. Upgrade Guide (WIP)

    think he means skill for the ship as far as an alpha can. then go omega to complete the skill req. Then buy a starter logi.
  10. I would be interested in a scouting channel

    If people want this i could set it up, we could also put some advance scouting things in it like if you see x they are at Y position in their site?
  11. Christmas Incursions as a returning newbro

    OK so our waitlist varies sometime you will get in within minutes other times it's hours long. Your always at risk of being ganked while moving between focuses but Alot less likely when in fleet. People usually split there ships into bowheads and pith a's I to something small and fast. I use 1 bowheads for each region personally. I would suggest go duel a hardener then remove ur 2 rigs (cdfe and thermal) for a damage one (15% more dps on field =more isk/hour and more chance of winning contests) , then mwd (cause you already have a faction one) then spend Loads of isk on ur better than faction low damage lows :-p That's my thoughts but everyone had a differing opinion. Dark
  12. The best Christmas movie ever

    Where's "aliens"?
  13. The traditional day-two upgrade

    We actually now prefer pilots hold off and go straight from the lower end ones right into the big boys (core x etc tho faction are still accepted obviously ). The reason for that is, to save the line pilots isk and to encourage people to go all in. That is why they have been removed from the fitting website.
  14. logi appreciation

    also gives you another option to get into fleet (sometimes faster too)
  15. Blobert's TPPH Basi Experiment

    Was just reading through this level 5's should be able to handle the cap drain from 2 remote caps and ab on, but I'm guessing l4 would still need 1 incoming? (not at a pc atm to check)