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  1. logi appreciation

    also gives you another option to get into fleet (sometimes faster too)
  2. Blobert's TPPH Basi Experiment

    Was just reading through this level 5's should be able to handle the cap drain from 2 remote caps and ab on, but I'm guessing l4 would still need 1 incoming? (not at a pc atm to check)
  3. Twas A grand day out, Thanks Imelda.
  4. Train Logi!

    If you want send me a mail in game and will try and throw you some time later today (in a couple of hours ~2-5h)
  5. EDENCOM Ships

    initial thoughts are no (inless we have 30 of them), but we will see :-)
  6. Banned from ingame channel

    Hey dude at work at the moment I have asked the other officers and leadership to look into this. If no-one gets back to you I will look into it in about 4-6hours :-)
  7. Scouting Guide (Unofficial)

    Pro tip 0.1au, 360 degree Dscanning sites for wrecks helps too this gives you a feel for how far through the site they are
  8. WTM Fittings by their isk worth

    heya go to jita https://wl.warptome.net/fits/ copy fits from the above website into game open fittings in game and paste will show the cost the cheapest entry fits are rohk malestom and hyperion they weigh in about the 2-300mill mark :-)
  9. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    Atm On Ps4 apex and warzone Pc oxygen not included & eve
  10. Fitting a Signal Amplifier to a Basi

    Good post. This is actually part of a larger discussion the logi branch had about 2 weeks ago regarding suggested/required fits due to the recent remote cap changes. Currently our R&r says the dc2 or better is required, the pds is optional and can be swapped under our current R&r as you requsted
  11. How bored are you between spawns?

    "oxygen not included" here
  12. Incursion Leshak

    While I love your determination, beware about refitting without FC approval as it may invalidate any SRP