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  1. Pirate forward operations base

    I'm always down to fly logi, and strange/curious things are fun. I'm sure I can drag a friend or two to help as well.
  2. Entry-Level Logi - "Logistics" Skill is Zero

    Necro, but I just wanted to add this. While perhaps I wouldn't let a fellow logi pilot x-up with this, I *would* like to keep them on hand as loans in unlikely situations. Alternatively, having them as trainee ships when we are overlogi-ed could also work. The 0/5 could work as an "intro to the adhd of Basilisk pilots" However, this would be from a command core/FC decision, and not something a line pilot could freely x-up with. Asking beforehand in an eve mail or convo could also work. And above all, I feel this would be entirely under FC discretion. Tldr good idea, 0/5 is (imo) safe enough to add to fleets to train logi pilots on, without risking fleet safety