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  1. What do you do when you don't run incursions?

    I just recently got into incursions. As I continue to optimize my clone for incursion running, I will get back into exploration. I have very high scanning skills so I might as well not waste them.
  2. Travel Fits

    I put the bling in my Prowler. Any Blockade Runner will do. I fit it for alignment so 3 Nanofibers in the lows, with shield mods and and LSE for enough tank against an insta-locking nado. Blockade Runners are near uncatchable unless pilot error/lag and they can't be cargo scanned leaving the ganker having to decide if they want to risk playing Blockade Runner Roulette. I fit my mach with a mwd, 3 Invulns, and 2 LSE's, with 3 Inertial Stabs, and 3 Experimental Hyperspatial Accelerators in the lows. Leave your rigs fitted. I'd rather lose 518mil vs. 4.5bil on a bad day. However those bad days can be avoided if you scout ahead and check Dotlan. I usually lead with my Prowler to scout the route. Usually D-Scanning along the way for gank fleets. As mentioned above, if you avoid the usual gank systems at prime-time, you'll be ok "99%" of the time. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you have 1.3bil to throw into a Bowhead, then go that route. They're great for moving a DPS and Logi ship at the same time. I would still recommend moving the expensive mods in a Blockade Runner as an extra security blanket for your investments. REMEMBER to hit your cloak as soon as you see your cap drop for warp initiation.