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  1. Using Micro Jump Drives To Move DPS Around?

    I could see a couple problems with this, one of them being that 3m reactivation timer. If your fleet is already being efficient then you're isolating those ships for 3 minutes and can actually likely harm how well the fleet is doing. Plus, the dangerous ships in a TCRC are already on top of the fleet by the time everyone is in. The only time the outlying ships are dangerous is during periods of high influence, at which point some yulais would be popped to reduce the incoming DPS. Otherwise it's a waste of applied DPS, when they could be focusing on the tower and let the actual sniper ships deal with it. The longer a TCRC takes the more dangerous it becomes. Ships that spawn that far away burn towards us anyways because they're going to move within their own optimal of the primary, so you're going to be stranding those "snipers" out at the spawn points. And as niki said, even experienced people can mess a MJD up, and a critical mass of failed MJDs....well, you get the idea.
  2. The secret, hidden, superior Incursion ship! :D

    Mmm, necromancy.
  3. WTS Basilisk

    Sold to henry.
  4. WTS Basilisk

    In Jennim cuz I couldn't move it on my alt. Would like 840m for it. https://evepraisal.com/a/p5j9l
  5. Leshak

    Wonerin will be moving soon. The next alt I spin up purely for WTM isn't gonna skill into leshaks lol. And yeah I'll put it up when I get home tonight.
  6. Leshak

    Looking to sell my Leshak. Would like roughly 3b, https://evepraisal.com/a/orbmh is valued without the abyssals. Will also sell the abyssals separately, just ask for stats. Open to offers. Message this character or wonerin.
  7. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    Lol at whoever told you dual c's was overtanking
  8. How do you benchmark fits?

    Just to add to that, some of the WTM people have been doing incursions for a long time and I believe have tested what does and doesn't work. They have definitely isk-tanked incursions so we have the fits we do and the knowledge we do
  9. Standard Praxis Fit?

    Also 1) Your thermal resist is too low by far lol 2% is a lot. 2) Incursion rats are omnitanked. Normal sansha have a resist hole but incursion rats don't.
  10. Garage Sale

    Can switch out the guns for meta4 and pith c invuls at your request. I also have 20k quake somewhere that I can relocate for you
  11. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    Also, the reason the optimal fit doesn't have a sigamp is because IIRC you do need some implants for it to still be stable.
  12. WTM Hubs?

    Imelda is greatly missed.
  13. Garage Sale

    Works for me, I'll contract it here in a while
  14. Garage Sale

    Contracted through my alt. Thanks for the business boss
  15. Garage Sale

    Prices as always are negotiable, just wanna get the dust off of them.