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  1. What the Fuck !

    I can understand your frustration, however character age does not mean much. Characters are bought and sold, injected etc. The game has changed in 6 years. If you have these questions post the fit and we can go over it with you, no problem. However character age doesn't change our rules for keeping logi alive. As a community we have rules in place for fitting. These rules get voted on by our leadership and match current fleet requirements and necessities. There is a lot of wiggle room on logi, just not in the tank department. You MUST meet the minimum required tank or we don't want to take the risk of you losing your ship causing us to be logi light in a serious situation causing possible further losses. Those six years that you've been gone we have found better ways to tank our logi, so we changed our fits to match. We would love to teach you the changes and if you have better ideas, after you've flown with us a while you can apply to be a command core and suggest your ideas for us to vote on. The first step is meeting our minimum requirements to get into fleet.
  2. Incursion Leshak

    For the truly dedicated you can fit 2 peace larges easily and run them for 4 minutes or so without capping out.
  3. Logi School

    I’ve been running one late night us tz every time we’ve been waiting on a focus to spawn (except one, I was out of town) the timing is fluid because of that though. There should be some scheduled ones coming up though.
  4. You were kicked from fleet....

    Blood for the.... err sorry, habit.
  5. Cpt Tirel it's obvious you are very passionate about the ANI. It's a good ship, what I would suggest, apply for T or R badge, learn how we run fleets and why the decisions were made the way they were with regards to doctrine THEN try to make improvements with the backing of a full badge with full knowledge of how we structure our fleets. Until then, bring it to the next fun fleet and post the logs from that fleet to prove your point. I'm not even in a position to say for sure this would be a bad idea or a good idea, I'm still learning myself. One thing I do want to point out, tracking of 3 vs a tracking of 6 is a huge difference, and we do have to hit things like Mara's and frigates. I know in my vindi if the FC calls for frigs to die I will shoot them even without links, but in my nightmare I wont even bother unless it's webbed to crap and back. It also shows the full fleet utility of webs.
  6. Logi School

    Hosting logi school late US TZ! 0200 2/17/19 eve time 1700 2/16/19 EST 1900 2/16/19 MST 2000 2/16/19 PST
  7. 2 ReSeBo Basi

    The biggest issue I see is that we require 70% thermal and EM resistance on basis for a reason, this fit would get eaten by anything firing lasers. Which is most sansha. Favoring EM/thermal is in the basi's interest outside of the mom, and we still lose plenty of basis to deltoles.
  8. Bring it to a fun fleet and post logs of real applied dps. It looks good on paper. The tracking is about half what a vindi is before links and it adds no real fleet utility, but the projection and the damage look solid. With that said, incursions have been running for a very long time, I can't think of a community that encourages them, there's got to be a reason for that.
  9. Pro-Tips

    The only thing I think I can tell you is about DDD. I split my guns into 7/1 stacks. Typically I'm killing two frigates at a time when I am DDD. I have the one that I am firing 7 guns at, and the one I am firing 1 gun at. With a little experience you can work it to where the drones assisted to you go to one frigate that only 1 gun is firing at while you kill a different frigate with your 7 group guns. Apply 1 web and the 1 gun group, this puts drones on target. Find another close frigate, apply web, pause 1thousand one 1thousand two, activate 7group guns. Repeat as needed. You need good tracking to do this, and typically if you are moving beyond about 250-300m/s you wont hit anything unless your transversal is low. There's a reason DDD has 2 webs TE's and split guns. TPPH: Being anchored for each wave is a must, it helps a ton. 1st room burn forward 10km one prop mod cycle while madly spamming target lock and hit stop. You should be sitting within 15km of all the frigates and motionless by the time they get there. 2nd room sit still with the snipers and spam target lock, they are coming to a sniper or basi, don't bother moving until they swap targets. Don't be afraid to take shots at frigates 20 or so km out. Even if you are moving the traversal should be low enough. 3rd room burn forward 10km one prop mod cycle and stop. Again you should be right where they end up, and again motionless. Also you can typically pop a frigate with your 7 group guns while waiting on targeting delay for the next wave if you already have the frigates locked and in range. Don't spread webs on new waves. Web what you are wanting to kill (ex wave 3 Otuni 2) and DONT activate the second one until you want drones to move off your current target. NRF: Being anchored for each wave is a must, it helps a ton. Again burn directly forward 10km and stop. From there its the same as TPPH. 4th wave the 2 or 3 otuni is your target. TCRC: This is where it gets fun Re group your guns and load null. While in warp reload to AM/Void if preload, kill near Niarja, links should be on you now and you can kill far niarja. Pop schmeels <20km from you. Once you start burning swap to null and kill schmeels >20km out while looking for niarja respawns, prioritize those. Once you are in your spot and schmeels are dead swap back to void, target the tower and shoot it, decycle guns when Niarja's spawn. Target Niarja, use both webs 1 thousand one 1thousand 2, shoot. Should 1 shot. 2575.