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  1. WTS x3 Bulkhead Bowhead

    Ah okay. If you have one on the Amarr side of the pipe let me know.
  2. WTS x3 Bulkhead Bowhead

    Where is this located?
  3. Pirate forward operations base

    Bring it onnnnnn
  4. Doggo pics

    My pupper. She is lazy.
  5. Crazy Imelda's Winter Clearance Sale

    I like these fits. This might also encourage some wormhollers to repurpose some of their unused Bhaals and join us.
  6. Logi School

    Henlo frens, I am hosting a Logi School on Saturday, 09/15/2018 at 19:00 Eve Time. The usual features apply. I would prefer you show up in a Logi ship, but it is not required to participate. Meet at dockup and join the TS channel "Logi School". I will provide further instructions from there.
  7. Together in the Abyss

    I've somehow managed to not lose a ship to abyssals yet. I did nearly die in a level 4 though, made it out with 3% structure left...