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  1. Incursion Leshak

    The way i've been running in NRF is this. Upon landing in site i burn into the middle of the spawn. I use Meson to help snipers kill the mara. As Meson actually hits the Mara when moving, due to it's extra tracking. Once i get into the middle of the spawn i swap to the highest tag Vylade and load up occult and murder it overheating when i can. Once the vlyades are down i start going for any osti that's in range with the highest dps ammo i can use. For second wave i get myself anchored 15/20km of the antem/yuli spawn and murder them with occult. For third wave i anchor nnw 15km of battletower and kill Yuli with occult. As spawn dies i use highest dps ammo that covers the range as i burn to VVV posistion 4. For forth wave i go highest tag outuni if 3, or if needed due to CC. Or if possible skip to deltoles and murder them with a bit of heat to pull aggro. I then keep on helping the dps to kill their BS until the aggro switches again. As that pulls the antems/Yuli over to a closer range to the dps and means the sharks don't have to burn out as far away from logi. If i don't get aggro i only burn out 40km and then use the highest dps ammo that fits the range.
  2. Incursion Leshak

    TDF are just burning out there so they can use occult on the Yuli and kill them faster. The rats veering off is usually because one of the sharks has aggro. All the sansha have a default orbit range that they use when attacking a target. So for Yuli it's 60km, if you have aggro and burn at them it has the affect of pushing them away from the rest of the fleet. What they should be doing is burning in the opposite direction to pull the spawn over to the dps/cqc in fleet so they can apply more dps. It's hard to do though as so many people multibox sharks that are anchored on their main. If their main gets aggro they would have to manually fly multiple ships at once.