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  1. [WTS] Optimal Macharial

    I have an optimal Macharial for sale to anyone in WTM below Jita. 2.9 Billion contracted in Jita IV-4 https://evepraisal.com/a/nr3rf Contact me here or in game o7
  2. [WTS] Abyssal magnetic field stabilizers

    Hey guys, check your contracts
  3. Hey team, I've got a few abyssal magnetic field stabilizers available for sale. These are not absolute top tier items, but are still decent. Base module is Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer, which has stats of 28.0 tf/1.12x/11%/25.84%/100 Million (approx Jita) CPU/Damage Modifier/Rate of Fire Bonus/Unstacked DPS Bonus/Price 26.09 tf/1.13 x/10.75%/26.61%/150 Million 29.59 tf/1.106x/12.62%/26.57%/140 Million 29.22 tf/1.114x/11.79%/26.29%/130 Million 28.15 tf/1.114x/11.68%/26.13%/110 Million 29.22 tf/1.105x/12.22%/25.88%/100 Million Delivered in Jita IV-4 by contract. Contact me here or by in game email if you are interested. I also have 6 4 additional modules which are better than T2, which I will give to any WTM pilot who is currently running T2. Link me your fit when you are flying and I'm in fleet and I'll give you one by contract in Jita IV-4
  4. Pirate forward operations base

    I'd be down for trying this sometime
  5. Target painter and signature radius

    Have a look at the missile and turret tracking damage from the EVE university wiki. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Missile_Damage#Missile_damage_formula and https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Turret_Damage#Math You can see that a higher signature radius will increase the hit chance for turrets and the applied damage for missiles. In both cases the painter will have more effectiveness when used on smaller and/or fast moving targets. The entry for target painting explains about the painter improving things for the whole fleet https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Target_Painter#Target_Painting o7