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  1. VG Fits for NON-WTM ( NO SRP ) Kitchen SInks.

    We weren't that bad, but I agree. 6-7 mins was happening, with non-opti ships for about 50% of the fleet ( newbies etc ). I'm happy to follow orders with Leadership by the way. Here I'm just a chilled out space-miner. I do my politics elsewhere
  2. VG Fits for NON-WTM ( NO SRP ) Kitchen SInks.

    My point is that this all works in fun fleets. Not contest ones. We didn't have to contest out there. Just Basi & Sub-cap fun really. With the repetition of the sites you need a bit of a mix in what you do. It's why I like WTM. You get a good choice of Hulls to play with.
  3. VG Fits for NON-WTM ( NO SRP ) Kitchen SInks.

    Worked fine in Null *shrugs*
  4. VG Fits for NON-WTM ( NO SRP ) Kitchen SInks.

    830dps on a Harbie Navy with Max Skills: [Harbinger Navy Issue, VG Frigate-popper] Damage Control II Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay Heat Sink II Heat Sink II Heat Sink II Heat Sink II Gistum A-Type 50MN Microwarpdrive Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Thukker Large Shield Extender Domination Stasis Webifier Heavy Pulse Laser II Heavy Pulse Laser II Heavy Pulse Laser II Heavy Pulse Laser II Heavy Pulse Laser II Heavy Pulse Laser II Skirmish Command Burst II Medium Core Defense Field Extender I Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I Medium Processor Overclocking Unit II Hobgoblin II x15 Conflagration M x6 Interdiction Maneuvers Charge x300 . Pulse the mwd to get close to your target frigate, web them, then pew-pew!
  5. VG Fits for NON-WTM ( NO SRP ) Kitchen SInks.

    This is also a piece of tech we used out in Null. As I'm sure you know the venture used as a dropper can be killed, and that then messes up the drop ( & ore supply ). So... If the Hacker is also a Sniper it can help. You can keep the dropper off-grid, and then sneak the dropper in at the end of the NMC. So you don't have to risk said dropper in the OTA's. This is a Data-mare. [Nightmare, WTM 'mare - VG Data] Damage Control II Capacitor Power Relay II Tracking Enhancer II Heat Sink II Heat Sink II Heat Sink II 100MN Afterburner II Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Tracking Computer II Tracking Computer II Data Analyzer II Data Analyzer II Mega Pulse Laser II Mega Pulse Laser II Mega Pulse Laser II Mega Pulse Laser II Pithum A-Type Medium Remote Shield Booster Pithum A-Type Medium Remote Shield Booster Large Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I Large Capacitor Control Circuit I Large Capacitor Control Circuit I Berserker II x3 Conflagration L x4 Tracking Speed Script x2 Scorch L x4 Imperial Navy Multifrequency L x4 . It has Battle-reps, has enough Cap to just keep firing ( Conflag on the Deltoles, Multifreq on the Romi's orbiting at 20km, and Scorch on the Mara ), and it can also do the hack. When you land in an OTA the Data-mare flies out to do the hack. Then comes back to fleet. It has enough tank to do the job. Mixed with Vindis & other Pulse-fit Nightmares the OTA will just melt.
  6. VG Fits for NON-WTM ( NO SRP ) Kitchen SInks.

    Battleship Tank Exceptions for Vanguard Fleets All Battleships must meet or exceed 60% in all shield resistances without Command Bursts. All Battleships must be capable of reaching 80,000 Effective Hit Points (EHP) without Command Bursts. Calculated via Fitting tool with Omni-incoming damage profile and character with all Lvl 5 -skills. From 'Rules & Regulations' here. I'd like to fix the original post, but can't get access. So... Have I missed any regs? And if so please list them so I can make a new post ( deleting this one ).
  7. VG Fits for NON-WTM ( NO SRP ) Kitchen SInks.

    Thanks for the additional
  8. After a fun fleet this morning with LJ. We didn't have the numbers for anything else. Using an HQ Hull at VG level ( at your own risk. No SRP, as these are not official fleets ): All battleships can lose 1 Invuln and the prop-module. Leave your rigs. 70-80k ehp is fine. You're looking at 10k shield layer minimum, with resistances above 55% ( some may want 60% ) Logi as is. No need to change. HQ fits are fine. 2 of. Command Booster. If you're using your HQ Hulls you won't need much Shield Boost. This means you can boost for web range and sensor lock-on. This helps fleet. Nightmares: Pulse fit. 1 Faction Web, Loads of tracking. Can hit most targets on the grid, from 60km down to point-blank. Cruisers, Frigates, the nightmare can do it all. A VERY versatile hull. Vindi. Just as is. Vindi love is Vindi love. Blasters & Webz trash the frigates. Mach. 2 options. 800mm with a Faction web. Or 1200's with decent Sensor Boosting to allow you to lock on fast & kill the Niarjas. 1400's can work, but it's not that great for VG's. 1200's or 800's do better. 1400's are for towers & contests ( armor shots ). Heavy Drones: Assign to a Vindi. Berserkers do better than Ogres. Without a Vindi web or 2 our conventional Ogres will just miss frigates. Bhaalgorn: You only need 1 per fleet to mess up the Romis, as said Romis orbit at 20km out ( Vindis won't be able to web them ). 1 Bhaalgorn is opti for the fleet. Can also support snipers by slowing down sniper targets when they reach 30km out & closing ( when they start to get into their orbits ). Can also cap-buddy logi, and carry some battle-reps. Drone-boats. As I said, Berserkers. Sentries require 2 target painters on the primary to apply properly ( Gardes ). Bouncers can hit the Mara. A Potato would have a set of Bouncers & a set of Berserkers. Plus a faction web. Webs & Painters: You can never have enough Faction webs. You only need 1 Bhaalgorn to be opti though. 2 painters is enough across the whole fleet. Double-paint primary, & hey-presto. Drones love a painter too, in case there is a 3rd. Frigate-poppers. You only need one per VG fleet, but here are your options. These will only work in VG. They'll never be useful for HQ's unless it's an LM fit ( to my knowledge ). Cruisers: A 900dps Legion in Armor can do A LOT to frigate waves. So use that as your base-line. Vigilants can really hurt frigates, as an example. Work out your tank, & there you go. Generally speaking Cruisers have to stay moving. They have speed & sig as part of their tank.. Tank like a Basi to play safe. 'Tasms can be nasty if you have good skills. Cruisers are less DPS, but more accuracy. Application. It's all about that tracking. Battlecruisers with T2 Medium Lasers can be recreated in Shield Fleets. Like the Harbinger Navy Issue, as an example. The Harb can hit out to 60km ( the Mara ) with beams, or it can fit Pulse & whack frigates. Battlecruisers you tank like Battleships. It's near enough with the signature. Spare Command Battlecruisers. Tank like a BS, Max the DPS, and the tracking should look after itself. . Reminder: NO SRP. This is purely for ze poops und ze giggles. Fleet comp: 1 command booster, 2 logi, 10 battleships. Swap out a battleship for a specialist like a Bhaalgorn or Frigate-popper. I like Resistances at shield layer around the 60% marker in High-sec. 55% of the damage you take will be torps ( & they are 50% kinetic 50% explosive ). So shield fleets do have an edge at VG. Fun for when fleet is down
  9. Right then, shield tanking. The shield is tanked. 19/20 it works and reps land on time. Hurrah! Then you get that one time in 20 when you hit armor ( or even hull ). It happens. It's why our Logi carry Armor bots. Armor-Slapping is buffer being used. We're all tanked so that our shield holds mostly, but the Sansha can do 'smashes' & 'wrecking shots' too. And that is what usually takes a well-timed broadcast ( on time ) into armor. Damage spikes are damage spikes. It's just how it is. Don't undock what you can't afford to lose. EVE rule 1. So... Here are a couple of strategies to help here. 1) A nice ship. 1 nice ship, that is good & reliable, can earn you great ISK. Enough to get you up to about 5b isk in liquid ISK, as you also upgrade your Hull. Obviously WTM likes people upgrading their Hulls, so we're all good. And it is true that a decent set of invulns ( 130k ehp instead of 100k ehp, as an example ) can save the day. But you have to move that ship around. And thar be Gankers. So... 2) Number 2 is the travel fit. Take all your shinies out of your lows, then use those lows to ramp up your ehp as high as possible. Gankers like 0.5's & 0.6's, so that is where you use a travel fit. In fact use said travel fit any time you move your ship. Bulkheads in the lows are the easiest, but if you have Armor skills you might get more ehp out by using those Armor skills. Membranes, plates, it all adds up. It might take you higher than a bulkhead fit. 3) Number 3 is about escort vessels. The pros run two accounts at the same time, and one of those toons can help the other. With safety on Green you can rep a ship being ganked if you are in the same fleet. So your highs are filled with remote shield reps. Escort reps main, or main reps escort. Who-ever takes fire starts the concord timer. They can kill the cheap escort, and the nice ship makes it through; or they can fail to kill the nice ship because the escort propped it up enough. In a 0.5 they have 22 seconds before Concord wins. A few extra reps on your shiny toy can save the day. Escort vessels have their uses. 4) For the proper regular flyers. A bowhead in each empire. Just the hauler to start with, but as you pick up bits & bobs you can do it properly. This one is for those who see Incursions as space-mining. So they do Incursion Fleet a lot. And a Bowhead in each empire means the hulls can be hauled without going through major gank-zones. You only really need 1-2 sets of shinies to fit out your ship. You could have a Vindi & Scimi in each empire, in a Bowhead; with 1 nice set of invulns & damage mods you move about in a smaller cloaky 'thingy' ( Sisters of EVE 'haulers' are fun ). With this one you always have a scout. 2 accounts. But it does make life easier when you can move your Hanger. 5) Know your Hulls. Scimies & Leshaks are vulnerable to heavy salvos from the Sansha taking out their shield layer real fast. I've had it, and so have others. Rule 1 of EVE is about not undocking in a ship you can't afford to lose, but number 2 IMHO is about choosing your ship wisely. If you know you can be a bit slow to respond ( like me at times, as I am a disabled-in-real-life pilot ) then adjust for that. I did mention the decent invulns after all. 6) Too tired to fly. Yeah, just take the hint. There is no profit in getting yourself or someone else killed. . But yes, Armor-slapping happens. Think yourself lucky that that armor is there, and has an anti-laser bias in it's resists Fly safe
  10. Scimi fits. For Logi 4. Cheap fits too.

    Just thinking about your point Sparta. As a regular flyer myself ( as I can't do Caps in Null at present ) I would expect myself to be urged to upgrade etc. Even as Logi 4 I'd swallow the rig change cost for 'Logi 4 to 5' Scimi to get that link in, simply because I don't want to sand-bag. Others on the Fleet Efficiency thread are also mentioning encouraging regular flyers to oomph it up a bit. It might well be a different rule for the regulars compared to the occasionals. With Ditanian walking all over us at present we need a counter. I emptied the piggy bank to get a Leshak, but 1 more Leshak is not enough when they have a dozen or so propped up by Nestors. Yeah, we need to come up with something. Anyway, you're the boss so do what you need to.
  11. A quick thank you

    Space mining best mining
  12. Scimi fits. For Logi 4. Cheap fits too.

    All I'm doing is sharing the tricks I learned out in Null. Up to you if you want it taken down or not, obviously
  13. Scimi fits. For Logi 4. Cheap fits too.

    Logi 4 to Logi 5 is a month. Changing 1 rig in a month shouldn't be a back-breaker. That was my thinking anyway. Plus, 1 linky
  14. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    Another important point. Blackout. Some people may well be using Incursion more to raise ISK to replace a lost carrier. So expecting high-end kit to show up quickly won't happen when 50% of your Concord Bounties paid heads out to Null. Then you get Multi-training stuff. 1.5b ISK right there. 500 PLEX at 1.7b ISK. If you want to stamp on Alphas then encouraging to go Omega is an option ( I do it ), but... You'd have to take notes on Alphas and how long they fly with us. And that is a lot for FC's to monitor. This is my current Alpha Mach: [Machariel, Alpaca Blappa!] Damage Control II Tracking Enhancer II Gyrostabilizer II Gyrostabilizer II Gyrostabilizer II Gyrostabilizer II 500MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive Pithum C-Type EM Ward Amplifier Pithum C-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Tracking Computer II Tracking Computer II Domination 1400mm Howitzer Artillery Domination 1400mm Howitzer Artillery Domination 1400mm Howitzer Artillery Domination 1400mm Howitzer Artillery Domination 1400mm Howitzer Artillery Domination 1400mm Howitzer Artillery Domination 1400mm Howitzer Artillery Small Tractor Beam I Large Core Defense Field Extender II Large Ancillary Current Router II Large Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II Federation Navy Ogre x5 Tracking Speed Script x2 Republic Fleet Depleted Uranium L x16045 Republic Fleet EMP L x12019 Standard Drop Booster x6 . I was told 2 Pith C's was overtanking. It needs a bit of work still, but means if I fail to Plex in time I'm not too much of a sand-bag. But then I'm a regular-flyer. It's my space-mining, unlike the Rorq bros in Null. Those guns weren't cheap. That's the point really. I can't fly that Command ship to a basic non-mind-link level for another month FYI. If the Fleet chooses to run overflow.
  15. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    Here is an example I have worked on of Logi 4 Optimisation: