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  1. Drone damage research

    Generally I found Wasps better for the Drone-ball ( Romis & the odd Battleship ). Hence why I use them. Maybe my skills? Who knows. Plus Wasps have a good shield layer. Less need to broadcast them for reps then.
  2. 100% Loot Drop Event

    There is no way in New Eden that this won't turn into 'bash the Incursion-runner'. I may well dust off my old T1's. I fly a mean Potato. Realistically what stopped Gankers from operating outside of 0.5's & 0.6's was the cost. Guaranteed Death (tm) with a risky drop. Now the 'risky drop' bit is being corrected. As the phrase goes 'stuff that for a game of soldiers'.
  3. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    Sooooo.... Warp Drive Engaged. Let's face it, wall to wall TPPH's are dull. So.... The issue with VG's is the amount of bouncing. That hurts the tick. But our ships just got a speed buff. That might allow us to VG and earn the same kinda ISK compared to HQ's. And at VG level shields have the edge. TPPH's are about 23 minutes or some-such? As well as dull. Community or not they are hurting us. VG's can go 5-6 minutes per site, with a speed buff now in ( as of today ) to reduce wastage in warp. Yes? No? It does take some pressure off of our fleet. What say you? Linked to this thread:
  4. TCRC Entry Manoeuver. A Suggestion.

    Ah, cool. I was wary about the pre-load. Glad it's not a dirty play. We don't want those days back.
  5. Been doing this for a while now, & it has kept me out of trouble. In a TCRC entry if you orbit AAA at the start you may find the Vindi's are out of range at the Tower. Obviously this is pretty dangerous, so... Here is the suggestion. > AAA goes in, & makes the call. > Fleet in. > Logi establish orbits & Cap Chain. Assign Links. Rep AAA. But you are orbiting the Booster. > Keep repping folks. > As the agro consolidates you'll be able to look about a bit more. Once the bumpy initial stage is done. You'll be half way up the Tower approach; everyone is in range as you moved properly; and AAA is either in position on the Tower, or just cruising by you towards the Tower. > Jump your orbit to AAA. That's it, job done. . It's nice & simple. It's one less call for people to make in a sometimes-bumpy TCRC entry ( especially if TDF are preloading them to try & gank us ). Gank? I flew with TDF originally, and they went all TVP ( I got into a right argument about it, & ended up banned ). I then flew with old ISN people for FoB's in High Sec, & ISN were ganky in their day. And then ISN people joined TDF. And now TDF preload TCRC's to increase the danger. Up to the FC's of course, but having one less thing for Logi to worry about ( position ) in a TCRC entry gives us more time to focus on reps. Since I have been doing this I have always been in range of a broadcast. . PS: Loved the EOS on gate giving Armor boosts. More buffer is more buffer #TripleLayerTristan
  6. Incursion Leshak

    I think the Leshak is one of the few ships we fly that is so Armor biased that it has to be 'overtanked' ( a no-no under rules & regs normally ) to get away from being an Armor-bot magnet. Obviously launching Armor bots can mess up the agro, so I think it's important that the 110k ehp level be ok. Swapping out mods? In-site? Yeah, I'll pass. SRP etc. Plus I can't do that that quickly as a pilot. I'm bad at live swaps, always have been. Fly in, make the pew-pews, & try not to explode. That's me. The Leshak reminds me of the Bhaalgorn & Domi Navy for how Armor-biased it is. And the TFI off the top of my head. They have to be slightly over-tanked to avoid Armor-slapping in my experience, so it's worth noting this. Like AAA in a TCRC if you are too squishy it can get a bit embarrassing. And fatal. Like a Mach with Standard Drop being used ( I am now Team Varg in the Mach-Varg debate I have to say ) sometimes you just have to have the extra tank. A Leshak using Standard Drop would be, well, more risk than I would take let's put it that way
  7. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    Having flown it I have helped patch ships live. Resists average at ~55% against Layzors for Armor in our fleets, so this is just about buffer whilst Logi do their thing. I can squeeze in a couple of cycles of 2 T2 Armor reppers typically. That is more buffer than the person had before. With range being such an Issue in HQ fleets Shield Reps just won't work. Mmm, buffer
  8. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    If you check Jita you'll find the T2 Modders. Abyssal 'T2 Entropic Radiation Sink'. I shopped around, & was able to find 4 of them, comparable to Veres, for 400m ISK total.
  9. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    As someone who flies a Leshak I'd suggest the following: Get your gun-spec to 4 whilst saving up. Buy the entry Leshak ONCE YOU HAVE GUN SPEC TO 4. Pay your SRP. I'm not kidding. First upgrade is the Thucker Shield Extender being replaced with an Abyssal that is AWESOME for hit-points ( like plus 650 hp's. 3200 hp's basic is a good place to be when you're checking contracts in Jita to find one ). This then reacts with the rigs & fleet boost to REALLY help with Armor-slapping. I have tested the hull in Pyfa for sig, and 5m makes no difference on such a large ship. So Abyssal 'Republic Fleet' works. Having flown it Pulse your MWD ( auto-repeat is off ). That keeps you out of trouble. Logi do fine. After that it's the Tracking Enhancers going Pirate. You need these at Maximum to hit the Cruisers. Then you get damage mods that are great for both damage amount & rate of fire ( Abyssal 'T2' ). CPU isn't a priority, as you can wangle the Utility slots in the highs to cover that ( Auto-Targ 1 is like 2 power 2 cpu, and gives you 2 extra locks ). After that? Shield Slaves are looking rather nice. They aren't out yet, but when they come out I may well be investing. 'shaks don't have to warp fast, that's the thing. They're there to kill Battleships & Towers. Mobile in site sure, but they do not need to be fast for warping. I have Zor's Hyper & an Ogdins in my pod too. Slot 9 Rate of Fire Implant will help. Armor Implant in slot 10 will help. Shak's have a large Armor layer, so you really do see that extra %. Slot 6 for me is currently navigation. To help with Pulsing the MWD. It does work well. And when you're looking at 110k ehp with a Shield Layer that works you really get to enjoy the hull. . Shield 'Shaks aren't cheap. If you want Cheap use a Vindi. I see the Shield 'Shak I have as the flagship of my operation. Brok. Note: Abyssal 'item' is the Basic Item with some decent dice-rolls on it.
  10. Scimi fits. For Logi 4. Cheap fits too.

    Just to say I am now Logi 5, so have upgraded my Scimi to this one. [Scimitar, Cheap Date - Logi 5] Damage Control II Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay Federation Navy 10MN Afterburner Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Remote Tracking Computer II Remote Tracking Computer II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Medium Ancillary Current Router II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II Light Hull Maintenance Bot I x4 Light Armor Maintenance Bot I x5 Tracking Speed Script x2 Nanite Repair Paste x500 Optimal Range Script x2 .... Says 450m on the estimate. The upgrade was not back-breaking, and I have a Damage Control. If you have better Afterburner Skills than myself you may well be able to get the cost down further
  11. Incursion Leshak

    New to 'Shaks? Once you're bought your first entry-level 'shak you need to thin about Mods. I think the first upgrade ( my view ) is the Abyssal Shield Extender. It REALLY helps. After that, once you've patched your tank, you then get the shinies in for the Low Power slots. I went Tracking THEN DPS. Tracking first, to hit the thing. The Abyssal Shield Extender is a win though. Mutagened Republic Fleet or Thucker can work well.
  12. Incursion Leshak

    Just to add: A Republic Fleet LSE that has been Mutagened is working for me. + 1 squillion on shield layer, and +0m on sig. I pulse my MWD, & use a Gist X
  13. Drone DPS, Bunnies, and Sandbagging

    The Hull-bots & Armor-bots are there for patching someone up live. So that if they get a heavy switch a second time ( think Leshaks in a TCRC ) their passive buffers are at maximum again. So rep-rate is needed. Maximum bots. And, sadly, Logis just don't have the drone bay for other stuff. My opinion anyway.
  14. Scimi fits. For Logi 4. Cheap fits too.

    Apologies, missed your reply there. This. Trade-offs. My thinking is that a Scimi who can hold 4 reps for a bit less time, because they have gone for tank, can survive. Where-as a dead scimi in a TCRC holds zero reps. If I'm wrong then fair enough.
  15. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    If we can get enough people into entry-level Leshaks, because of shield 'slaves' making them safer, then we stand a better chance in TCRC. That's the bottom line as I see it. There will always be tricky waves, but the Leshak is just too big a game-changer. We need them too. And if we run VG's for fun then that is R & R for tired pilots. With Pith B's I see: 77/77/83/86 With Pith A's I see: 79/79/84/87 . Only an extra 6k ehp. If Shield Slaves give me an extra 40% shield layer then... I'm pretty sure that that is more than 6k extra ehp. It should be about 20-25k more ehp. Team Shield 'slaves' ftw!