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  1. 36 minutes ago, Mad Anii said:


    I'm fairly new to WTM fleets. I was asked by a FC to put X into fleet chat, I said on voice why is that? He said put X in fleet, so I did. He said you are now MTAC for the rest of the sites. He said if you cannot then leave fleet. There were multiple suitable ships in fleet and my name was called, so my evening of incursions was cut short because of this.

    I checked the rules and I cannot see where someone can be forced into doing roles. I was happy in the fleet all day long, pointing out directions for some new guys and shooting all my targets all day, until the FC changed and targetted me, then told me to leave fleet if I am not going to do it, which I did.

    Is this a forced requirement when a FC randomly chooses your name? I was under the impression roles are optionional, as I can't see these in the rules anywhere.

    Thank you.

    Please dont feel bad about this. take it on your other fleet members that did not step up having the ship or the skill.
    and everyone in fleet should thank you because of you the fleet keep going. I know might be its overwhelming but you did nothing wrong. Next time keep doing your best. and your worst will be the best because no one else step up, they cannot complain because no one else step up. 

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  2. Miscellaneous:

    Changes to the qualification rules for Sansha Incursion rewards have been made. In order to qualify for the rewards, pilots must be present at the site upon completion and also have a meaningful contribution to the completion of the site.


    So no more staying in the first gate?

  3. It's just part of the game. If you wanna be "heard" by CCPlease or there's forum. But to a point they nerf money making options also to try control inflation. 


    See Plex price example.

  4. Personally i think that we should encourage ISK efficiency,  by doing thing how we should in each cite, and also try encorague alpha people To be omega and push them to optimal fits. This without segregating Alpha toons. 

    Kind of our time and omega account cost something. The community can only straive if we keep omega people interested in the community. and more so from moving away to other communities.

  5. Mumble do allow you to have a sub channel that its only listed to the main fc. Alliance use it because of the same reason you have people that dont tolerate the sperge so they go to the channel name appropriately: "Quiet"


    They have something like this treen

    * FC

    ** Loud

    *** Logi

    *** DPS

    ** Quiet

    Where everything under Loud communicate true whisper to talk.

    FC its priority speak guys. and whoever is talking when they are taking get muted because FC its FC.

    And people in Quiet just get voice commands from FC group.


    Might be some of you will recognize this structure yes am there also.